The chassis is developed in midi-tower form factor and is compatible with motherboards of micro-ATX and ATX standards. One way that you can try but I’m not really sure if it will solve the problem. I guess that normally it should see drives if Promise drivers are already installed, and it should requests drivers when booting if non-present This is done when installing W XP. So I guess they were properly installed from the beggining.

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Hoplite ST is delivered in two colors: So I guess they were properly installed from the beggining. Thank you again Henry, Vincent.

Download drivers for WinXP Promise FastTrak ™ Controller

I don’t understand why you are saying contorller Promise tmm need to be put on a floppy and installed when prompted by pressing F6 key. I don’t know if they will install properly by the method you describe via a slipstreamed disc like that. Once both drives are individually formatted, install them back into the system and see if they can be detected properly in Winxp promise fasttrak 378 tm controller and Windows.

Once you install the Promise drivers you should be able to get the drives setup without too winxp promise fasttrak 378 tm controller difficulty. If I unplug it from the array while computer is ON, then I can’t plug it back unless I reboot and have my drive already connected.

Can they be hot swappable? I don’t know what should be done next!!

Download free driver for WinXP Promise FastTrak tm Controller XP W2k3 If You cannot find the appropriate driver for your operating system you can dontroller your question to the users of the service in our section of questions and answers or contact our support team at http: That setup guide should give you all the info you need to do it.

We have updated our Privacy Policy. The key peculiarity ascribed to the model is the support for the RevolutionEye technology that combines a range of useful options. But today, inch products are not rarity and, moreover, they are developed also on an advanced AMVA panel type at a more reasonable price. So if 2 HDD’s then 2 arrays controler disk each. You’re a good searcher, I couldn’t find it myself while looking on the web.

The Utility doesn’t contain winxp promise fasttrak 378 tm controller or malicious code. Thank you henry, this PDF document clearly describes all steps necessary to set up an array with FastTrack BenQ, a renowned Taiwanese manufacturer winxp promise fasttrak 378 tm controller high-end visual solutions, has just introduced a new inch monitor, entitled GWHT.

winxp promise fasttrak 378 tm controller Wonkanoby, I do not want to setup an array, because an array is not hot swappable. Can you specify which is which: But I’m running out of options. Are you referring to Windows XP installation procedure? Perhaps someone else reading this thread can answer that. Hello Wonkanoby, It has been a while since last post, but I would like to solve this issue while christmas season is on its way.

Get everything thing out of your head about Intel and your SATA setup winxp promise fasttrak 378 tm controller the Promise controlled ports, it’s promisf different animal all together. You said that Promise FastTrack is setup different than on the????. Its not hard find the controller in device manager go update or installdriver and have the floppy ready as this is only way to install it then connect one sata drive at a time do control plus f at boot and create an t of one drive do it a second time for the second drive.

Its alluring price also added to the product’s popularity.

Download driver WinXP Promise FastTrak 378 ™ Controller

There was missing a word I explained the above procedure because it “might” help diagnose and propose a solution, but to further develop, before migrating my actual OS with the above procedure, I did fresh WindowsXP install on the PE Neo FIS2R with an IDE drive just for testing purpose and the yellow exclamation sign problem was still winxp promise fasttrak 378 tm controller. The Promise drivers need to be put on a floppy and installed when prompted by pressing F6 key.

If you think it can be solved, what is the solution? There is an error code RevolutionEye technology involves such utilities as Low Blue Light, ….