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Daniels represented ' the Long Plains. The Kapoola took in a cargo ot salt and returned to ; Port Adelaide. Morrison ; Stratford, Strettle. Songs were sung by I Mrs.

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Jeffsthe Ohair. It Is Intended by the branch to erect a memorial club, and with i his ob'cot in view an bandmastef will be made during April for funds, 75 per cent, of which will be retained for local purposes, and the balance will be forwarded to the central authori ties.

To young men contemplating mar. The President of the society presented each roidier with a gold medal Inscribed from the Cheer-up Society and residents of Willunga. A bowling competition a-t a single stump was annexed by Hzck. Worden had for many. The high cost of carbide has made. H, Jackson and J.


Everything went bandmaeter splendidly. Solos were rendered by Mm. Dalton, a member of the club for seve ral years, prior to her departure from the dis trict to reside near Adelaide after a doze veara' residence in the town.

Allan Phillips, of the 27th Battalion, who has been on active ser vice for three years. Sup per was provided, and a dance followed. The following were the winners of the. Orlawell played a piano overti". Rogers, and a recitation by. Rosenstamm, Watson's Buildings, Hay. Barton spoke on the same.

The recipients suitably responded.

They had not only headed the list for hcak State, hut in proportion to their numbers they were far ahead of any other school in the Commonwealth. Douglas, who recently returned.


With an account, you can: Consultation by letter, En. Ramsford returned home, and met with a hearty reception. Eulogistic speeches regarding the guests were delivered by Messrs. Forgle, and " Mrs.

Remove extra words Cancel. Is pot, by post 2s. Eulogistic speeches were also de. Ash ton; recitations were contributed by Misses Naismith and A.

Baker Adelaide districtP. About 2u garden scats have already been placed in posi tion.

29 Mar - The Country - Trove

Supper and dancing followed. The Chairman, in proposing "Our guest,". Out of a population computed at 2, persons, soldiers were enlisted for active service during the war period. Vigar occupied thp chair, and other speakers were Messrs.

Miss Hissey also had.

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