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Adamk evolution rig

I met my first atheists a history teacher and a fellow student when I was 15, and my first creationist, and I was amazed by how stupid the creationists were, and how well read the atheists were. It would have to dismantle the strength of the cumulative case for naturalism. Well, there you go. How to know which, if any, was true? If not, then you are skipping over a great deal of the evidentiary collection process without recognizing that you are doing so.

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Again, readers, addamk explicit about the role of evidence, if any, in your atheism. While attending a conservative theological seminary, I was majoring in OT studies it became clear how similar Judaism was to other ancient religions- how much they borrowed from other cultures nearby, etc. We all depend upon evidence and reason for learning. Posted May 8, at 4: A god was nowhere evoljtion be found or even needed. A one or more God-notions is true or B no God-notion is true.

So simple, so easy.

It greatly detracts from my ability to feel any respect for believers. But Evidence and also the flaws of all the possible arguments played a major role for me. I had no personal answer. The level of religiosity here was so offensive that it forced me to read and learn a lot more about the subject and hardened my basic beliefs. With that prior improbability on one side, and nothing to balance it out except an irrational bias, it is proper to reject such a claim out of hand, whether it is possible to empirically test it or not.

Adamk evolution rig

A nuns and religious people make shit up, B evoluton people are always preaching about doing unto others and being upstanding, model citizens but then they undermine their own message by telling us that even murdering rapists can go to heaven and C being a kind, caring, moral, upstanding citizen is no protection against dying young. After thinking about these stories Evoluyion came to a few conclusions: I find comparative religion and history interesting, though, like art history.

Trying to hold to hold both sets of values is almost impossible, and I found myself increasingly alienated from an institution that seemed incapable of providing good reasons for their archaic and misogynist rules. There is no evidence, true, but I could also find no version of a god concept that satisfied. I spent the couple of months desperately searching for conclusive evidence, evolutino way or the other, for a god and an afterlife.

Almost entirely lack of evidence. Of course, living in the Bible-belt of the south has not been easy, but I would never give up my intellectual integrity just be folded in the arms of the believers. Deep down I thought the whole notion of god and Jesus and all that was just aadmk silly.

Then my grandpa came along and had me go to church one day. It happened for me when I was in grad school, which I presume to be before most of your readers were born.

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The introduction to Hitler and the Veolution became for me a tearing need to understand it. Therefore, birds are gods. Never asked anyone questions, fig seemed futile. I took a look at the morons around me, and assumed the adult population had a similar percentage of morons in it. So my mind let go of it.

I was, I think, 11 or 12, passionate about astronomy, fairly well-grounded in biology, awakening to an interest in girls, so it seems that God failed to compel my interest, and how could He?

I believe there is no god because of the lack of evidence, and because of science, and because of daamk way I reasoned things out during my formative years. After a life of pillaging, murder and rape he finally met his match one day on a battlefield.

As I grew evolutlon and became interested in mythology in general, the problem of other beliefs led me to doubt all religions. That was the beginning of the end. I was raised a conservative Christian and was so most of my life.

I did well in school but was always more concerned with having fun and being a kid than sitting in the classroom, whatever adank subject, and I think this allowed me to abandon faith in something I never took seriously in the first place.

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