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Skyblade revelation

And he had yet to reach the end! He raised his head and surveyed his surroundings. Those tall buildings… everyone one of them looked similar! Each of the buildings were so tall, they appeared to be piercing the clouds. The next instant however, the screen suddenly turned red.

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However, I… just what had happened to my body? The sculpting was very fine. Stacking upon each other heavily, they appeared unlimited!

Those two figures were not real. The size of the hole was roughly sufficient for one person for crawl inside. After falling down, Chen Xiaolian instinctively rolled away. This odd change was enough to prove something. The sound from the sky rang out once again. There was something about that painting after all! He had to crawl forward.


Next, a powerful force pulled him and his body was inexorably sucked down… Soo! You… who are you?

A range of hills could revelatjon seen in the distance as he stood there atop one of the mountains. Chen Xiaolian was shocked and he looked around. He could be considered quite lean and thus, he was barely able to make it forward.

Revelatiion up his mind, he stepped forward and crawled into the hole on the blue coloured stone. Could it be just a coincidence? He then subconsciously leaned down, trying to move closer to the painting so he could get a better view… It was at that moment that circles of light shone out from the rsvelation wooden patterns on the mahogany box that was placed beside him.

I am not a disciple of Bluesea or the others. This was completely illogical.

Chen Xiaolian looked at the big blue coloured stone. The Nine Yang Manual is a super duper powerful martial arts technique that can make revslation martial artists go apeshit bananas ala Minions.

Chen Xiaolian moved both his hands and feet, worked hard to creep forward and he finally emerged headfirst!

Chen Xiaolian was lost in thought as he checked the painting. The longer he looked at it, the more reservations he had. There on the surface of the blue coloured stone was a cave like hole. Before him were two shocking figures! This other person was kneeling on the ground with a reverent look on his face! It had been utterly cut off! But the problem now is… how do I get out? As he was just about to say something, he heard the voice revekation.

In the end, he could rebelation longer proceed by moving forward in a crouching position. The immortal in the painting, those facial features, that disposition, all those aspects appeared remarkably true to life and was about 70 to 80 per cent similar to Mr San! After making his way out of the cave, Chen Xiaolian looked skyblase and became utterly dumbfounded!

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