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Ljubov tyzee

Spejko - Single Tyzee. Ile Spasev Video production: I don't care about no other women , you're my dream which can come true Hungry for love and noisy If it's this is a sin what I love, God forgive me. Darko Manasijeski Directed by: I have only one life and I would give it to you.

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Remember your video choices. Click this button to skip to the next video. No my son, I'm not womanizer, I only explain how to love the right woman. Zivim da te volim, I opet nebo molim Da se svaka zvezda zove tvojim imenom Ovih dana sve je kao pre, Tebe svako secanje jos vrati, Da li sam ti davno kajanje ili dragi nemir sto te prati Ref: Dimitris Dekos Autor grcke verzije teksta: Zivim da te volim, Ne prestaje da boli, Ponovo me tuga pokida ko brodolom.

To live, to listen, to learn. Filip Paunovski Official fan page: This action cannot be undone! And whole night hungry for love. Always play videos fullscreen. Want to watch more videos for this song?

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Ljubov Lyrics English translation

Vladan Popovic - Pop Programiranje: Jala Brat x Buba Corelli. And to give birth to another two sweet kids To have the salary in my wallet and I don't need anything else. Meni mozak brani da se tebi predam, tvoja pojava me hrani, al se ipak ne dam.

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Tyzee - Sè mi e so tebe (Сè ми е со тебе) lyrics

Ljubov by Tyzee No lyrics text found for this track. I have only one life and I would give it to you. Ilija Zogovski Direktor fotografije: Thailand Ucestvuju u spotu: Music for your Website. I have been taught to protect you and to have you.

You've reached the daily limit of 10 videos. Tyzee Dragan Velickovski Music Producer: Dragan Velickovski-Tajzi Official fan page: Help us build the world's largest lyrics collection by contributing lyrics here.


Edit Profile View as Public Logout. Let me tell you that as you do, I love a girl To caress me an eternity, to give me wings like a plane Let me tell you my heart has musical notes and only because of you.

Paranoja - Single Tyzee.

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