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Myriam fares kifak enta

Breakthrough Universal Artists of All times are GMT Thanks a lot for the alphabet translate. Click here to add Myriam Fares as an alert.

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Naked Videos from Giza Upset Egypt. Add a new comment. A-Z Artists Advanced Search.

Game of Throne's finale is Highly-Anticipated. Here's the Arabic lyrics, can anyone translate these? Porn on a Pyramid?

Myriam Fares - Kifak Enta

Sho am ta7ki 2oul a7ki shi 3ala 2adak Inta hala badak, Tirjaani ma3oul. Posted By wurzlsepp 0 replies Yesterday, Can anyone give me the lyrics to the song as well as the translation? Yesss plsss someone translate this song.

Identify music Posted By Resnov 0 replies Inta mannak zalami, Mannak 2alb w rou7 Atrikni b haali w rou7, rou7 Shiltak min baali, W nseet al-layali Elli milli yaa nijirou7 Kifak inta inshallah mnie7 Ba3dak bitzakar mlei7 Hala inta badak ya3ni Muriam mabadeek ya kim nei7. So I now know the meaning and how to sing it. Myriam Fares has made her way to fame and fortune looking fabulous all the while.

Thanks a lot for the alphabet translate. Login Trouble New Rules?

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Let us know if you believe the singing star has what it takes to deserve such an honor! Published December 15th, - Click here to remove the Myriam Tweeted alert. Myriam Fares - Erta7 By 1inamillion1 in forum Arabic lyrics translation. Kifak inta inshallah mnie7 Ba3dak bitzakar mlei7 Hala inta badak ya3ni Ana mabadeek ya kim nei7 Ya3ni halla ma ra7 nirja3 Ya3ni ma baddeek tirja3eelo 3adi 3andik ana atwija3 3adi ma baddeek tisma3eelo.

The time now is Breakthrough Universal Artists of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Myriam Fares kissed Cairo hello for a Valentine's Day performance Myriam Fares begs her fans not to hurt themselves She's still got it! Click here to add Myriam Tweeted as an alert.

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Transliteration for those who can't read Arabic Inti yalli 2seet 3alaya, Inti yalli jar hateelo 2albo. Similar Threads lyric of Kifak Inta Fairouz in arabic latin also in english translation By zucute in forum Arabic lyrics translation.

Click here to add Myriam Fares as an alert. I'm so crazy with this song I sing as I wish. That's pretty much all I know too XD. Results 1 to 9 of 9. From Around The Web. Keeping up the glam, the glittery gal galloped around stage with yet another outfit surrounded by golden adorned dames.

Disable alert for Myriam Tweeted. Kifak Inta - Myriam Fares.

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