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Bounce it biggity diamond productions

Smith that prayer you gave me tonight is worth that set of juju beads, but you can have it anyway. Don't let him cut you to ribbons. I have all the time in the world from life to life to do what is to do, to do what is done, to do the timeless doing, infinitely perfect within, why cry, why worry, perfect like mind essence and the minds of banana peels" I added laughing remembering my poetic Zen Lunatic Dharma Bum friends of San Francisco whom I was beginning to miss now. It was a great night of talk.

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But at the hot bus station a Negro saw me with my pack and came over and said he was part Mohawk prodctions when I told him I was going back up the road to sleep in that riverbottom he said "No sir, you can't do that, cops in this town are the toughest in the state.

By and by they blew the highball whistle after the eastbound freight had smashed through on the main line and we pulled out as the air got colder and fog began to blow from the sea over the warm valleys of the coast. The air began to get warmer and nicer and in fact I thought I could begin to smell people again. Only one thing I'll say for the people watching television, the millions and millions of the One Eye: I wish I'd a had a tape recorder to take it down.

What a horror it would have been if the world was real. Now I've answered all your questions, too bad, give me a drink, mauvais sujet. I felt I was a blank being called upon to enjoy the ecstasy of the endless truebody.

I bought socks, one pair of long woolen Scotch socks that go way up over your knees, which would be useful enough on a cold night meditating in the frost. It can also be made into a pup tent, and can also be used as your sleeping mat under the sleeping bag. But that night everything happened.

It was a quotation from the Digha Nikaya, the words of Buddha. Finally Japhy's legs began to hurt and they just tumbled over on the mattress where both Alvah and Japhy began to explore the territory. It was right there, I'd be there in five minutes.

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I took my pot and bouncf to get water but had to scramble through so much underbrush that when I got back to my camp most of the water had splashed out.

We had, certainly, seen a deer, just before we came to the bar. I must say one thing about her, she was sex mad and man mad, so there wasn't much of a problem in persuading her to play diqmond.

We ate a little and drank a lot of tea and arranged all our stuff.

But we'd made him miss his evening of study and I felt bad about that, till the following night when he suddenly appeared at our little cottage with a pretty girl and came in and told her to take her clothes off, which she did at once.

I've got a collection of snow covered mountain photos you should see sometime. priductions

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That is, he simply held the beads in his hands, the hands profuctions with thumbs touching, and stared straight ahead and didn't move a bone.

But I had my own little bangtail ideas and they had nothing to do with the "lunatic" part of all this. He whimpered glad to see me. He was wiry, suntanned, vigorous, open, all howdies and glad talk and bigguty yelling hello bjggity bums on the street and when asked a question answered right off the bat from the top or bottom of his mind I don't know which and ddiamond in a sprightly sparkling way. On the other hand, for Japhy, it was also a relief to be suddenly lightfooted and he enjoyed it.

When I woke up the next day the veins in my feet were all cleared. I forgot to mention that the day the rock artist had called on him in the late afternoon, a girl had come right after, a blonde in rubber boots and a Tibetan coat with wooden buttons, and in the general talk she'd inquired about our plan to climb Mount Matterhorn and said "Can I come with ya? The purpose of these ducks, as laid out by all previous climbers, was to save a mile or two of wandering around in the immense valley.

We got to the cliff and started down the five-mile valley of boulders, in clear moonlight now, it was quite easy to dance down from boulder to boulder, the boulders were snow white, with patches of deep black shadow. vounce

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We parked the car and got all our gear out and arranged it in the warm sun. He was always giving things, always practicing what the Buddhists call the Paramita of Dana, the perfection of charity. We gounce got dizzy and drunk.

At one point I had to scramble, like the others, on a narrow ledge, around a butte of rock, and it really scared me: It was the first time I'd ever seen him bihgity of anything. I put on my new flannel shirt and new socks and underwear and my jeans and packed the rucksack tight and slung it on and went to San Francisco that night just to get the feel of walking around the city night with it on my back.

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