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Oisd 137

Mani Joint Director OISD In addition to the above several experts from industry contributed in the preparation, review and finalisation of the document. This matches the OISD philosophy of continuous improvement keeping pace with the global developments in its target environment. The amount of gases and certain combinations of those is the first indication of a possible malfunction that may eventually lead to failure if not corrected. It attempts to balance the total energy inputs with its use, and serves to identify all the energy streams in a facility.

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Typical diagrams of resistances to general mass of earth.

Energy Control Procedures 1. It ooisd recommended to adopt the Off-line PD test method. He is also designated under the provisions of CEA Regulation 19 337 i44 1 i44 2 vii44 2 viii x, xi94 21 21 25and 8.

No attempt should be made to replace or oisr a glass in a flameproof enclosure e. Turbocharger electrical panels — no access, broken switch handles ER tests: Act 85 of General Machinery Regulation.

OISD Standards

However, for generating stations and large sub-stations this value shall not be more than 1 ohm. Arcing generated by a loose wire at a screw terminal.

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. T The following shall be Onstream Inspection items: Condition of terminal box: In this case also grid resistance oiad not be more than 1 ohm. For Numerical relay testing format by OEM to be followed.

Electrical Isolation and Energisation shall be carried out only by Designated Person UIC requiring an electrical system to get checked through Electrical-in-charge e.

Air Fin Cooler motor by Electrical Maintenance, and Fan Blades by Mechanical Maintenance; UIC shall ensure that work permits from all the agencies involved are returned back, before energising the equipment. Additionally, the applicable provisions in the API Guide Chapter XIV electrical systems Table 5 to 13 methods of Inspection and the recommendations of the manufacturer shall be followed, while devising inspection schedules.

Monitor until corrective measures can be accomplished Major discrepancy; repair immediately 8.

Suggestions for amendments, if oiisd, to this standard should be addressed to: Partial Discharge measurement tests can be done either as On-line or Off-lines tests. To make this oiwd work, we log user data and share it with processors. Run the uncoupled motor for a minimum period of 4 hours for LT Motors and 8 hours for HT Motors and ensure trouble free operation. The area of work shall be strictly cordoned off from unauthorised entry.

An increase in the third harmonic resistive component of leakage current brings the arrester to thermal overloading and finally causes breakdown.

OISD Standards List - Oil Industry Safety Directorate (OISD)

Supply voltage and frequency b. Insulation resistance is measured to ensure absence of leakage current and humidity.

Traces of C2H2 at very high fault temperatures. Earth resistance on individual electrodes once in dry and one in wet weather Continuity of earthing conductors Bonding and earthing of oisf metallic structures, pipe racks, armour of cables, and electrical equipment enclosures Earth loop impedance measurement Y iii iv v vi vii viii HY HY HY Y Y TA The following shall be oisr Special items for Inspection, applicable to different categories of installation: After the 3rd harmonic is selected, it is amplified and then displayed.


For this, various data and records shall be regularly maintained through Failure analysis reports in the formats suggested for few, as per Annexure IIand monitored by Electrical incharge. Legislation associated with Hazardous Locations.

As the industry essentially deals with inherently inflammable substances throughout its value chain — upstream, midstream and downstream — Safety is of paramount importance to this industry as only safe performance at all times can ensure optimum ROI of these national assets and resources including sustainability. We are here to help! Scope and Application III. Chief Operating More information.

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