Once Upon an Eid

Once Upon an EidOnce Upon an Eid is a collection of short stories that showcases the most brilliant Muslim voices writing today, all about the most joyful holiday of the year Eid n nEid The short, single syllable word conjures up a variety of feelings and memories for Muslims Maybe it s waking up to the sound of

The Call: Inside the Global Saudi Religious Project

The Call: Inside the Global Saudi Religious ProjectEveryone talks about Saudi money, but no one really knows what it is Journalist Krithika Varagur, a longtime chronicler of religion and politics, tells the story of Saudi influence as it has never been told before, in a book reported across the breadth of the Muslim world, from Nigeria to Indones

Blank 133x176

Blank 133x176One woman s reappearance throws her family into turmoil, exposing dark secrets and the hidden, often devastating truth of family relationships n nKate Bennett vanished from a parking lot eleven years ago, leaving behind her husband and young daughter When she shows up at a Montana gas station, clutc

The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell

The Extraordinary Life of Sam HellFrom 1 Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestselling author Robert Dugoni n nSam Hill always saw the world through different eyes Born with red pupils, he was called Devil Boy by his classmates God s will is what his mother called his ocular albinism Her words were of little comfort, but

Home Fire

Home FireIsma is free After years of watching out for her younger siblings in the wake of their mother s death, she s accepted an invitation from a mentor in America that allows her to resume a dream long deferred But she can t stop worrying about Aneeka, her beautiful, headstrong sister back in London, or

Heavenfield (DCI Ryan Mysteries, #3)

Heavenfield  (DCI Ryan Mysteries, #3)When a man is found dead at the remote church of Heavenfield, DCI Ryan is the only other person for miles around The police have no weapon, no motive and no other suspects Already suspended from Northumbria CID, Ryan must fight to clear his name But soon, than his career is at stake when pr


GodshotDrought has settled on the town of Peaches, California The area of the Central Valley where fourteen year old Lacey May and her alcoholic mother live was once an agricultural paradise Now it s an environmental disaster, a place of cracked earth and barren raisin farms In their desperation, reside