Harbor (Beards & Bondage, #3)

Harbor (Beards & Bondage, #3)Betrayed and set adrift n nMonths before she s set to walk down the aisle, assistant district attorney Brooklyn Lewis suffers an unthinkable loss It s bad enough her fianc is violently taken from her, but along with her grief she must also process the fact that the man of her dreams was unfaithful.

Secrets of Midnight (Chronicles of Midnight, #3)

Secrets of Midnight (Chronicles of Midnight, #3)There s something new in Midnight, something hungry for the shadows, and Serenity Harker is about to get a taste of the unknown The thrilling third installment of Serenity Harker s journey is not to be missed A Kick ass Urban Fantasy with a slow burn reverse harem romance Angels, Fallen, nephil

Protector of Midnight (Chronicles of Midnight, #1)

Protector of Midnight (Chronicles of Midnight, #1)Some secrets refuse to remain buriedThe winged messiahs who rule the district beyond the pearly gates have given humanity a choice live outside with the threat of being warped by magic, or petition for entry at the cost of their free will The deal sucks for others, but it s fine by Serenity Har

Her Mates (Wolf Trials, #1)

Her Mates (Wolf Trials, #1)Dani has been hidden from the packs all her life for fear of being found and killed by the same person that murdered her mother but now it s time to reclaim her title As the future Alpha Queen, she must compete in the trials with her mates to prove she s worthy to rule her people She must choose t

Pyxis (The Stardust Series, #3)

Pyxis (The Stardust Series, #3)I m adrift in uncharted territory n nBefore I met Knox, Theo, Liam, Chase, Jackson, and Ethan, my life was simple Peaceful Boring n nNow, boredom is the least of my worries n nTensions are rising within the group, and I begin to suspect that my presence is to blame Worse still, my attraction for

Runes of Truth (A Demon's Fall #1)

Runes of Truth (A Demon's Fall #1)Thief Runaway Assassin What happens when your rumoured name destroys your life When the very runes engraved on your skin since birth, are a death sentence Evie doesn t remember a life before she was on the streets, a life before thieving to live and killing to stay alive When a royal family

Strange Grace

Strange GraceOnce, a witch made a pact with a devil The legend says they loved each other, but can the story be trusted at all n nLong ago, a village made a bargain with the devil to ensure their prosperity, when the Slaughter Moon rises, the village must sacrifice a young man into the depths of the Devil s For

Fractured Heart (LUV Academy, #1)

Fractured Heart (LUV Academy, #1)I write songs about fairy tales, but I never thought four gorgeous princes would sweep me off my feet Homeless and rejected by the school of my dreams, I somehow find myself at LUV Academy, crashing in a dorm room with an a cappella group of gorgeous, rich, talented men They each bring their own

The Harbors of the Sun (The Books of the Raksura, #5)

The Harbors of the Sun (The Books of the Raksura, #5)A former friend has betrayed the Raksura and their groundling companions, and now the survivors must race across the Three Worlds to rescue their kidnapped family members When Moon and Stone are sent ahead to scout, they quickly encounter an unexpected and potentially deadly ally, and decide to dis

Pretty Lies (Astrid Scott #1)

Pretty Lies (Astrid Scott #1)New town New school Same lies This is my senior year, and not only have my parents moved me to a new place where I know nothing and no one, they are determined to make me fall in line with the life they want me to have Not the life that I want But what fits perfectly into their world I m lo

Dragon's Thief (Blood Prophecy, #1)

Dragon's Thief (Blood Prophecy, #1)Stealing from one dragon is lunacy Stealing from five of them I must have a death wish Contrary to popular opinion, I really don t have a death wish Yes, I m a thief, but after almost being torn limb from limb by an irate panther shifter, I ve given up my law breaking ways From now on, I m sti

Love's Cruel Redemption (The Ghost Bird, #12)

Love's Cruel Redemption (The Ghost Bird, #12)From USA TODAY Bestselling Author, C L Stone, read Love s Cruel Redemption, the much anticipated twelfth book in The Academy Ghost Bird Series n nSang s life was on pause after the dramatic break with her real family Now she s back in the game, returning to Ashley Waters to appear like a normal st

Fake (The Scarab Beetle, #3)

Fake (The Scarab Beetle, #3)Still on the hunt for her missing brother, Kayli Winchester s life amid the Academy team comes to an abrupt halt when she and Brandon are kidnapped Mistaken for his identical twin brother, Brandon s life is threatened unless he helps a team of criminals hack into a secret underground cellular netwo