Prince on the Children's Ward

Prince on the Children's WardQuando l a nell aria, il destino non pu fare altro che assecondarlo Per questo il ST PIRAN S HOSPITAL un luogo magico dove tutto pu succedere Alla dottoressa Tasha O Hara sembra che le cose brutte capitino tre alla volta 1 Il suo nuovo lavoro occuparsi di un bellissimo principe che si

Dr. Devereux's Proposal

Dr. Devereux's ProposalEnter into the world of high flying Doctors as they navigate the pressures of modern medicine and find escape, passion, comfort and love in each other s arms The French doctor s chosen bride It s the sexy French accent that captures physiotherapist Lauren s attention even before she s seen the g

The Fiancée He Can't Forget (The Legendary Walker Doctors #2)

The Fiancée He Can't Forget (The Legendary Walker Doctors #2)Seeing ex fianc e Amy at his brother s wedding throws Matt Walker s world dangerously off balance Their relationship imploded years ago, but he s never gotten her out of his head, and neither can resist a one night only reunion But Matt wants a lifetime by Amy s side, not a night, and a pregnancy

Surgeons, Rivals... Lovers (New York City Docs, #2)

Surgeons, Rivals... Lovers (New York City Docs, #2)In bed with her rival n nWhen Dr Kimberlyn Davis finds herself in the midst of an accident site, it s not just the thrill of saving a life that crackles in the air it s working with the irresistible Dr Enzo DellaToro n nBut when Enzo is revealed as her competitor for the surgical fellowship she s

The Last Temptation of Dr. Dalton

The Last Temptation of Dr. DaltonTaming the notorious ladies man n nWhen cool, collected hospital director Charlotte Edwards throws caution to the wind for one hot, reckless night with Dr Trent Dalton she has no idea it s going to backfire on her so spectacularly because the next morning she has to bury her pride and ask for his

The Gift of a Child (The Infamous Maitland Brothers #1)

The Gift of a Child (The Infamous Maitland Brothers #1)Jodi Hawke will do anything to save her desperately ill toddler Including facing the only man she s ever loved, the only man she had to walk away from her son s father, Dr Mitchell Maitland.Mitchell never thought he would see the one woman to haunt his dreams ever again But the return of his bea

Her Greek Doctor's Proposal

Her Greek Doctor's ProposalThe question he thought he d never ask n nArchaeologist Laurel Evans put her career on hold to care for her younger sisters Now, close to achieving her goals, she won t let anything distract her Laurel has come to Delphi to dig up ancient treasures, but she finds a modern day Greek god instead loc

Italian Surgeon To The Stars

Italian Surgeon To The StarsYou think you can erase what we had n nCelebrity heart surgeon Dr Alessandro Lucioni might be gorgeous, but I will never forget what we shared in Paris five years ago or how he broke my heart n nAnd now he s standing in front of me, asking for my help with his young niece and determined to pick up

Newborn Baby For Christmas

Newborn Baby For ChristmasA Harlequin Mills Boon Medical Romance nA friends to lovers story n n His best friend s baby bombshellGeorgie and Hamish have been best friends for ever So Hamish can t refuse when Georgie asks him for the Christmas present she s spent her whole life waiting for a baby But seeing a very pre

It Happened in Paris... (A Valentine to Remember #2)

It Happened in Paris... (A Valentine to Remember #2)WHAT STARTED WITH A KISS n nAvery Girard might have sworn off men, but she can t help but get swept away by the beauty, magic and romance of Valentine s Day in Paris especially when she ends up spending it with totally irresistible Dr Jack Dunbar One little fling can t hurt, right n n n COULD E

The Last Doctor She Should Ever Date

The Last Doctor She Should Ever DateMills and Boon Medical Romance n nA mistake waiting to happen It s been four years since infamous party girl delectable Daniella Danatello brought her powerful family the wrong sort of publicity Dani s desperate to get back in their good books, and accepts a job as physiotherapist on her father s ru

A Date with Her Valentine Doc (A Valentine to Remember #1)

A Date with Her Valentine Doc (A Valentine to Remember #1)A DATE WITH HER VALENTINE DOC Dr Matt Bishop might inspire some seriously X rated thoughts, but as he s my new boss he s 100% off limits And he definitely can t find out about my being jilted at the altar I must remain calm, aloof and professional, despite these sparks flying around But Valentine

Secret Sheikh, Secret Baby

Secret Sheikh, Secret BabyHot shot surgeon Karim Zaraq is prince of a desert kingdom Karim knows he must find a wife and produce an heir, but this playboy wants one final fling before royal duty beckons.Pretty midwife Felicity Anderson has no idea who Karim really is, but her one night with the sexy surgeon has turned her w