White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century

White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st CenturyTen years in the making, this book is the sequel to Jared Taylor s seminal Paved With Good Intentions In White Identity, Taylor systematically marshals the data to show that People of all races pay lip service to the ideal of integration but generally prefer to remain apart Study after scientific

The Way of Men

The Way of MenThe Way of Men answers the question What is Masculinity The so called experts give the answers that suit their masters They tell just so stories to protect their ideology, their religion, their way of life They look to women for a nod of approval before speaking They give socially acceptable


ArcheofuturismArcheofuturism, an important work in the tradition of the European New Right, is finally now available in English Challenging many assumptions held by the Right, this book generated much debate when it was first published in French in 1998 Faye believes that the future of the Right requires a

The Camp of the Saints

The Camp of the SaintsBy the year 2000 there will on present projections be seven billion people swarming on the surface of the Earth And only nine hundred million of them will be white What will happen when the teeming billions of the so called Third World driven by unbearable hunger and despair, the inevitable

The Fourth Political Theory

The Fourth Political TheoryThe Fourth Political Theory is the first book by the famed Russian political theorist to appear in the English language It presents a summary of his basic ideas considering the development of a new political theory transcending the old categories of liberalism, Marxism and fascism All the

New Culture, New Right: Anti-Liberalism in Postmodern Europe

New Culture, New Right: Anti-Liberalism in Postmodern EuropeNew Right, New Culture is the first English language study of the identitarian New Rights movements presently reshaping the contours of European politics The study s focus is Alain de Benoist s GRECE Groupement de Recherche et d Etude pour la Civilisation Europeenne and is designed as an

Alt-America: The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump

Alt-America: The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of TrumpThe story of the remarkable resurgence of right wing extremists in the United States Just as Donald Trump s victorious campaign for the US presidency shocked liberal Americans, the seemingly sudden national prominence of white supremacists, xenophobes, militia leaders, and mysterious Alt Right

If Not Now, When?: Writings in Defense of Europe

If Not Now, When?: Writings in Defense of EuropeThis book is an assorted collection of articles and essays written between 2015 and 2018 They cover themes of urbanization, identity, diversity, and the future of Western civilization.The author believes that the supporters of open borders have turned the West, its territories and its nations, into

Behold the Wanderer: A Novel against Modernity

Behold the Wanderer: A Novel against ModernityIt s the year 213 NE, New Era During an event called the Big Reset, any record of human history has been erased All religious books have been burned Even the memory of God has been abolished Wulf Gungnirsson, an orphan left under an ash tree, dreams of a career in the Europolis, the World City

Alt-Right: From 4Chan to the White House

Alt-Right: From 4Chan to the White HouseAside from the election of Donald Trump, the most surprising political development of the past few years has been the rapid rise of the Alt Right the white nationalist, anti feminist, far right movement that provided much of the ground level energy for Trump s campaign and has been a focus of

Against Democracy and Equality

Against Democracy and EqualityFrom the back cover Sunic takes a detailed look at the European New Right , a significant intellectual movement of men and women who are concerned about the survival of the West

Revival of the West: Securing a Future for European People

Revival of the West: Securing a Future for European PeopleThis book deconstructs the myth of progressive liberalism The author explores left wing ideals of equality, diversity, social justice and open society, and exposes them as empty fiction The fate of modern civilization rests solely on the shoulders of men and women willing to defend it After the

Bronze Age Mindset

Bronze Age MindsetThe Atlantic named this author as possibly Steve Bannon s contact in the White House Rosie Gray, The Atlantic Feb 10 2017 Think you should speak directly to my WH cutout cell leader, Yarvin said in an email I ve never met him and don t know his identity, we just DM on Twitter He s said to