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Lantronix device installer 4.2

Once you have access to the networking module's configuration menu, you can configure it with its proper settings. This should be printed on a label on the case. Download Device Installer and Software files.

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Software License This is a legal agreement between you, There are two programs available for the Lantronix device.

Step 1 — Download and install the latest version of the Lantronix Device Installer utility At the time this bulletin was produced, the latest version of this utility was 4. If you do not have this already, it can be downloaded from: Lantronix was obliged to remove the B setting from the regular setup menu and Web If you have problems connecting to the CD24 over a network, you can access the configuration menu over a serial link by interrupting the boot process.

External Device Servers - set up and configuration for standard firmware and Web pages - Duration: Please note that many values need to be entered using special codes.

The IP address of the digitiser must have be on the same subnet as the computer you want to connect to. This should be printed on a label on the case. HyperTerminal 4.22 not provided with the Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating systems but the necessary files can be copied from the i directory of the Windows XP CD if you have one available.

Mandatory shipped with the serial number of the Lantrnix. If you have a non-standard or classless addressing scheme, enter the number of bits of the IP address to be used for network identification.

DeviceInstaller requires the Microsoft. Download the latest CPR software from the following web link: If the digitiser devicr to be connected to a routed network, enter the address of the default gateway in the same manner.

DeviceInstaller Download (Free) -

You will need a PC with a network interface installed or an RS connector. The easiest package to use is the 'windows installer'.

When you have finished setting up the module, apply the new settings by selecting option 9 Save and Exit.

This is the default baud rate for the CD24 's digital output. Enter each octet and press Enter to move to the next octet. At the netmask prompt, enter 0 if you are using normal classful internet addressing.

Download Lantronix from http: Refer to Appendix E on page 31 for information on connector pinouts. If Windows open a security warning window click on Run. Use the power cable to connect the 4-pin power connector to a fused 10 — 28 V power source. Double-click on the entry which corresponds to the CD24 you want to configure. Telnet Lanronix Port Cntrl: Some settings may not apply to every application.

Scripting must be enabled to use this site.

Click on OK and the program will then connect provide you with a terminal emulator screen, from which you can access the command line of your system. Enter 'hypertrm' and click isntaller OK. If you are unsure at any point, pressing the Enter key will retain the current value.

Find out the MAC address of the network interface.

The module will re-boot with the new settings in effect. NET langronix to be installed. Additionally, space has been reserved for future Device Installer upgrade feature.

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