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Andha naal 1954

A classic in Tamil Cinema. Rajan had arrived early for the meal, so Hema—serving him his thali —was the only one around; neither of them knew that Pattabi, in the next room, could hear their conversation. But not a legend like SB Sir, he wanted history, not compromise.

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The film has been described by French film historian Yves Thoraval as a revolution in Tamil cinema for the absence of songs and dances. Maruti Rao[32] and editing was done by S. Too bad this talented director didn't make more movies. Chinnaiya Pillai concludes that this may have prompted Pattabi to kill Rajan. A cute little fellow, who I wish had more screen time.

In the beginning, you stated that the movie is a suspense thriller and that too without any songs. The suspects in the murder of radio engineer Rajan Sivaji Ganesan are lined up in the same manner, but at a different angle. Central Board of Film Certification. Share this Rating Title: Saravanan claim Andha Naal to be the first songless film in India.

Pattabi does not deny it; yes, there had been such a quarrel. It looks like we have a lot of amateur detectives coming to this blog!

Andha Naal - CHEN - The Hindu

A mob boss must deal with a disgruntled mistress and a vanishing bag of cocaine. The real-life rivalry between M. Audible Download Audio Books. However, it wndha not fill the coffers of Meyyappan who understandably never thought of making a similar film later.

Ah, thank you, AK! I have seen several Gemini Ganesan films in Tamil. The melodrama is there, but it is toned down to an acceptable level IMO.

While the film is songless and mostly ajdha no background music eitherthe instrumental versions of two popular Hindi film songs— Yeh zindagi usi ki hai and Chup-chup khade ho zaroor koi baat hai —can be heard in two scenes where Rajan and Ambujam meet. You should watch this movie for Javert dialogues, for the crisp and entertaining edge-of-seat thriller, Pandari Bai's acting, Sivaji's perfection, the camera work, the courage of no songs, stunts and dance.

Tamil noir classic ‘Andha Naal’ is more than the sum of its memes

Few minutes into the film and I realized it was the original version of Sanjog. All the suspects shoot him except Usha, who bursts into tears. In a June retrospective, The Times of India gave the film a rating of four out of five, and stated that it had a "timeless feel both in terms of story telling and presentation. It just somehow seems to me that I can do justice to a film and review it more accurately if I have seen and as far as is possible understood every bit of it.

As a child i slept through his concert — to be woken up by my parents — after the kutcheri! Each one recounts an incident which points to a new suspect. Thanks for the recommendation.

To be honest I think it was pretty obvious, if you see several whodunits you wndha usually go wrong. As such, it ends up being enjoyable, and entertaining — but not sndha.

The only difference is that in the original a woman is mysteriously killed while in the Tamil version a man: Interestingly, the Japanese film was released in theatres in India soon after it created history in the international movie circuit and in the first international film festival held in India inthanks to the efforts of Pandit Nehru.

Balachandar who later attained fame as a veena player.

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Scene from Tamil cult film 'Andha Naal' is a viral Twitter meme, but what was it really about? Edit Did You Know? I won't spoil that!

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