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Unipaas jet

Maybe I am making a spelling mistake? Which other language is closest in syntax? All I could find about it was this blurb: You must also understand that developers never use those files they are undocumented AFAIK , they are only the storage format used internally by UniPaaS.

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The Magic of uniPaaS: Sacramento Software Development Community Waves at the uniPaaS Jet RAWmobile

Obviously what happens in the background is vastly different, but if you've ever developed a form in design view in Access, Magic will seem very familiar. The newer version is jt easier to use and it is still very RAD in the sense that there is little or no code you write The toolkit compiles into a binary file that the uniPaaS runtime executes.

Coincidentally, if you want to get an idea of what it is and how it works, I've found that comparing it to MS Access is handy. The last version, UniPaas stores the code in xml files.

Dobb's encourages readers to engage in spirited, healthy debate, including taking us to task. I could send you an example, if PachinSV does not answer you before.

Vijay - uniPaaS does not have "code" so much as it has a bunch of XML files that are generated by your development toolkit. Design Recent Articles Dr. It is up to date with the commonly used web net out there Its a very active forum with lots of cool people who will help you unipaqs in your quest Maybe is the fastest way to create an applications data manipulationyou can create apps in just a few days, but like everything in life has its own drawbacks: The applications are interpreted, not compiled.

Maybe I am making a spelling mistake? Previous versions stored the "code" inside a database table. Could this site be it?

Vijay 2 13 Bob Marshall 71 uipaas 2. The interface looks like this: Magic technology as you descried is a Magic Software Enterprises tool uniPaaSyou can find more information on:. It is very efficient and logical once you get over the idea of an infinite loop.

Magic uniPaaS Jet Reaches New Cruising Altitude

It is like a do Until loop. This monthDr. Captain Kenpachi 4, 5 jt All I could find about it was this blurb: You always need at least the UniPaaS Runtime.

If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help centerplease edit the question. The learning curve is quite steep, you must learn a lot of things before being able to write a little application.

Types can be specified and an associated program to present the type. Programming in this RAD does not look like anything else I know, you mostly don't write code as with usual languages, but it is nearly impossible to explain just with words.

This is the old name used and its a completely different paradigm like some of you mentioned.

Magic technology as you descried is a Magic Software Enterprises tool uniPaaSyou can find more information on: I don't think this is it, because this software said they are using magic.

The Visibility Void Coding to standards and quality: Developed in The original Magic PC referred to by several of the above folks.

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