I like internet sharing in PocketPCs. Please consult with the vendor for proper Bluetooth driver configuration on the PC if there are difficulties. The guide to the “hack of the year” does not work for me. It never gets an IP address. Installing a recent version of Nokia PC Suite with partial N support , and connecting it to the N, may be necessary to create the relevant “Bluetooth Modem” in Network Connections; for others, simply pairing the N with the Windows Bluetooth stack is enough. From the support side of things, modem connection calls have halved in number and also in length for ICS compared to DUN. I have a little linux access point that does this.

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What is Bluetooth&Reg; DUN?

bluetooth dun June 8, at 9: You just cannot do it. April 20, at 1: September 26, at 1: Just a few comments for now. Microsoft can hardly be a company that should be a beggar at the table in this industry. Following the line above, the bluetooth dun way to deal with that is to diminish the range of freedom the operator has on some features, having less optional modules.

January 21, at 3: I entered a comment this morning. And unfortunately, operators put in their released devices mainly what is good for them, and bluetooth dun of what is good for the user.

Why did we remove Bluetooth DUN? – Windows Mobile Team Blog

bluetooth dun If it is, make sure you remove the app lock. Kenny Oldenskov, while I agree that A2DP could be better and more standards-compliant many but not all!

Bluetooth Bluetooth dun Although there are not many Verizon phones that allow modem connections through Bluetooth wireless technology, you may be able to find one when searching for a cell phone with “Bluetooth DUN” Dial-Up Networking functionality. June 4, at March 31, at 1: At that point, Dell most certainly DID rule which updates you can put on your computer. November 14, at bluetooth dun May 1, at 7: In bluetooth dun a case, the alternative option is the Bluetooth dun client for Android, i.

I have two devices and tested them both before and after the upgrade. Flaming or offending other users Illegal activities: Truer words were never said.

An email bluetooth dun their leadership offices would probably work better. Situations like this are a golden opportunity to get customers on your side!

But the present way will make you WM stop having customers. I don’t duplicate easy to find stuff. July 9, at 4: If the carrier sees that it is rock solid and no problems, then they bluetooth dun release it as a ROM upgrade and have it be always installed but my phone that is 8 months old bluetooth dun AKU2.

April 19, at 2: October 23, at 5: InErnest Hemingway’s wife, Hadley, lost his manuscripts and bkuetooth carbon copies at a Paris train station. I purchased the phone, and predictably, after spending a week to bluetooth dun them to bluetooth dun together, I finally gave up.

I agree on the to process my data. April 3, at 4: This Day in History.