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The Thinaire platform also provides marketers the ability to remarket their products and services to customers in the retail space, where a customer is most likely to purchase. Check it out here! Let Thinaire be your partner in proximity marketing and rule the next generation of digital offerings. For more information, visit www. It truly takes a village to solve for these new seamless consumer experiences, that need a sophisticated understanding of all contributors in the complex ecosystem.

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This results in more relevant, contextual incentives to drive desired actions. We have opened a new era in interconnected brand-to-consumer engagement, activation, and on-mobile commerce.

LTP had also previously published an thinairr feature on the company's approach to context-aware innovation in IoT back in January.


Visionary entrepreneur and executive; technology innovator and leader; builder of both new and mature companies and sales organizations, from Wall Street to Main Street. Check it out here! Proximity marketing is another logical extension to mobile payments, contactless or otherwise, and Thinaire's announcement today demonstrates the company's endurance and thought leadership.

Which position are you applying for?

Thinaire Careers, Funding, and Management Team | AngelList

With Thinaire, your floor and shelf space becomes the new dynamic engagement ground with customers. This announcement caught our attention today, and we were also able to speak with Thinaire CEO, Mark Goodstadt briefly, right before publishing time. For more information, visit www.

To connect with Thinaire, sign up for AngelList today. Offering a digital ad-based network of interactive displays that create dynamic and engaging experiences in cinema lobbies, as well as retail environments, public spaces, arenas, and location-based entertainment complexes across the country, the Allure suite of engagement and transaction technologies feature touch screen and image capture technology that support digital signage advertising, promotions and gamification.

It truly takes a village to solve for these new seamless consumer experiences, that need a sophisticated understanding of all contributors in the complex ecosystem.

Dedicated to continuously discovering, evaluating, and implementing new technologies to maximize development efficiency. Using intuitive algorithms, they connect with consumers in the real world through their mobile devices, to identify and deliver a tailored experience based on dynamic data points. As a retailer, you may have heard of QR codes, NFC, or beacons, all fancy words to describe new digital ways in which customers can interact in your space.

There was a problem loading your content. Whether you are looking for an inexpensive NFC-tap to X offering running on Android devices, a wider beam-by-beacon offer launch available on any mobile device, or a complete video display integrated solution, the Thinaire platform is here to help you monetize the traffic in your store in in the most efficient way.

Investors from previous rounds. In fact, despite the ecosystem-wide attention to IoE, specific consumer experience enhancing propositions are still relatively rare in the space. Thinaire is on AngelList, where the world meets startups.

Large chains can decide to bring in their own app and integrate with the Thinaire platform to take full advantage of our couch to commerce solution or leverage the offerings from one of our many channel partners. Thinaire is a global leader thniaire monetizing the Internet of Things, delivering exceptional experiences to mobile users by connecting companies to consumers through a range of proximity and mobile technologies supported by its award-winning mobile engagement platform.

Join the Thinaire insiders.

Thinaire |

And as a software as a service offering, the Thinaire platform continuously evolves, giving you access to a greater set of capabilities as time goes on. Allure, A Christie Company, provides innovative and intelligent digital media and signage solutions. Today, Thinaire offers contactless technologies that allow brands to follow consumers from living room to retail, providing proximity marketing solutions for brands, retailers and marketers. Thinaire The Internet of Things, monetized.

We will continue to work with all our partners closely as we stay at the forefront of adoption of IoT by real users," said Mark, who was excited to share the momentum that Thinaire has enjoyed in recent months. The company offers a suite of products allowing customers to leverage IoT technologies such as NFC, beacons, etc.

Sign up to see how you are connected to Thinaire. Thinaire enables marketers to make TV, print, and display advertising purchases part of a fully connected media play. Well regarded speaker known for his forward looking vision in mobile, Near Field Comm.

Add a message to Thinaire. Just type and press 'enter'.

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