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Paul dateh

Perhaps they are jealous, I suggest. At the moment, Dateh wants to be famous more than he wants to have a girlfriend. Walnut, unfortunately, sounds like a monastery.

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Attached to the violin, the wah-wah pedal produces a woozy, nasally, otherworldly gasp. Soon, Dateh and his sister learn to put frozen foods on the TV to cool it down.

Paul Dateh (@pauldateh) • Instagram photos and videos

Mom and Dad are a different story. New York sounds like a jam session, he says, a vertical whirlwind of sound.

During the spaces in between, the payl breathes, exhales and settles in for the next segment. Too hot or too cold, and you can hear datteh varnish cracking. Is the box warm? Despite these fail-safes, a violin reacts to extremes of environment: Much effort is required to ditch the violin and piano and watch an episode of Darkwing Duck.

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Which is probably for the best, since his small, boy-child stature makes it hard for him to attract women.

He saw the neighborhood where LL Cool J grew up.

The horn blowing as it rushes by is a B-major triad with a G-sharp on top, happy yet unsettling. Dateh and his violin take turns speaking.

For his life as a classical violinist, Dateh chose a 19th-century Saquin, which has a clear, round, resonant, bright sound. It gives sound its definition. Gendy Alimurung September 24, 3: Paul is giving her lessons. But even silence is a sound. The case is a body with organs: He grew up in Walnut, California, a sleepy bedroom-community suburb east of Los Angeles, a privileged neighborhood, two-thirds Asian, one-third white, average household income in the six figures.

At the moment, Dateh wants to be famous more than he wants to have a girlfriend. They practice until their hands ache, until their skin breaks and their fingers bleed, because the thing that makes or breaks you in the classical world is how well you play.

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He saw the apartment on Linden Street where the members of Tribe lived. A guy e-mails him a video clip of himself playing hip-hop violin on the street in Detroit, doing a cover of Dateh doing a dateeh of Gnarls Barkley, which pleases Dateh to no end. If you like this story, consider signing up for our email newsletters.

There is an ease to life in Walnut that makes him uncomfortable. He wants to be in their cars, at their birthday parties, at their weddings, at ppaul clubs where they dance, in their earphones while they jog. In fact, they gave up their own music to work and have a family when they moved from Okinawa to the States. The artillery fire of a jackhammer tearing up concrete.

You have to earn it. It is the early s and Dateh and his sister are latchkey kids. He blogs about eating lettuce and accidentally gooping lotion instead of conditioner on his hair the first time he paaul out all night, which was at a show in Las Vegas, where he opened for Public Enemy.

Play it the way you want.

When Paul Dateh was ready to graduate to datwh serious instrument inRobert Cauer at Robert Cauer Violins laid several violins on a table. To this day, I have musician friends who stay in a room and play the same passage for three hours.

Don't have an account yet? Mild-mannered bookstore clerk by day, hip-hop violin superhero by night.

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