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The Thin Man Nick And Nora Charles Are Hammett S Most Enchanting Creations, A Rich, Glamorous Couple Who Solve Homicides In Between Wisecracks And Martinis At Once Knowing And Unabashedly Romantic, The Thin Man Is A Murder Mystery That Doubles As A Sophisticated Comedy Of Manners

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    We found a table Nora said She s pretty If you like them like that She grinned at me You got types Only you, darling lanky brunettes with wicked jaws And how about the red head you wandered off with at Quinns last night That s silly, I said She just wanted to show me some French etchings It is almost impossible for me to separate the book from the movies When I decided to reread this

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    I invented a new drinking game based on The Thin Man and tried to give it a test run when I re read it The rules were simple, every time that main character Nick Charles took a drink, I d take one, too However, I had to be taken to the hospital for treatment of extreme alcohol poisoning by the second chapter So don t try that.Nick used to be a private detective in New York, but he lef

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    Nick Charles used to work in a private detective agency, got married later, came into good money, and took on a hard and thankless job of managing his investments The beginning of the book finds Nick and his wife Nora in New York It seemed they were drinking happily and heavily in a bar Later it turned out it was just a mild warm up routine for some very serious alcohol consumption We

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    In Dashiell Hammett s The Thin Man, the relationship of Nick Charles and his wife Nora makes this stand out from other traditional noire detective novels While Nick has many of the same Sam Spadish qualities as other detectives in the genre, he actually listens to and values the opinion of his wife even if his language is sometimes patronizing Their banter also shows the tough guy perso

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    The Thin Man is a sort of noir novel by one of the greats of noir crime history, Dashiell Hammett, who is best known for creating Sam Spade in The Maltese Falcon But The Thin Man was also a well known and much read series, and maybe still is This one features the lush drinking duo Nick and Nora Charles and opens very much like a screwball comedy The movie version is a classic, and maybe

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    We didn t come to New York to stay sober The Thin Man is best read with a drink in hand Do you have a drink Do you need a refresher Would you like another Above all else, it is important that you be drinking SeriouslyDRINK My god, a lot of alcohol is consumed in this book It reads as if Ernest Hemingway had taken up crime noir In The Thin Man, Nick Charles, private detective, has hung up

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    An inventor goes missing and his mistress winds up dead Former detective Nick Charles wants nothing to do with the case but keeps getting drawn in With his plucky wife Nora, can Nick get things sorted out so he can get back to his drinking The Thin Man was not at all like I expected After reading the exploits of Sam Spade and the Continental Op, I expectedof the same The Thin Man is muchhu

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    What I learned from this book in no particular order 1 A speakeasy is the proper place for a man to wait for his wife to finish her shopping.2 A Schnauzer is NOT a cross between a Scottie and an Irish terrier.3 I hit Nora with my left hand, knocking her down across the room If a bad guy points a gun at you and your wife, the standard operating procedure is to knock her out to prevent her fr

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    This Christmas you are invited to a party of hard liquor, witty repartee and murder in the company of Nick and Nora Charles A hardboiled crime comedy might seem like an oddball choice for a winter holiday read, but Dashiell Hammett manages to mix together not only killer martinis, but also a succesful marriage between the mean and dirty Prohibition Era gumshoe detective and the British slick

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    Honestly I think the awesomeness of Nick and Nora Charles got built up a little too much for me before I read this, because I was expecting 200 pages of nonstop witty banter between the two, and was mildly disappointed Sure, Nick is funny in a dry sarcastic way, and Nora is the sassy drunken aunt you never knew you always wanted, but their banter and witticisms only caused the occasional chuc

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