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Defiance: The Bielski Partisans The Author, A Holocaust Survivor, Tells Of The Largest Armed Rescue Of Jews By Jews During WWII, Describing An Extraordinary Hidden Forest Community Of Jews, Who Were Led By Peasant Turned Partisan Tuvia Bielski Winner Of The Christopher Award Halftones Line Drawings

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    Though I read this about twenty years ago, the impact this book had on me was profound I think it is a critical story that should be required reading while studying the Holocaust during World War II It highlights courageous young men, who had a profound impact on the

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    Defiance just made it to the NY Times paperback best seller list even tho it came outthan 15 years ago The reason for its popularity now, of course, is that the film has been released and has created interest in the story and in Nechama Tec s book That s why I read it Aft

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    There are two books about the Bielski partisan group that I know of the other is Peter Duffy s The Bielski Brothers Both books were good but I found Tec s to be the better of the two Her writing gave a better sense of what daily life was like in the Bielski camp, possibly bec

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    From IMDb Jewish brothers in Nazi occupied Eastern Europe escape into the Belarussian forests, where they join Russian resistance fighters, and endeavor to build a village, in order to protect themselves and about one thousand Jewish non combatants.

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    I decided to read Defiance because last year I saw the film version of it and I enjoyed the film even though it was sad and found the film very interesting So I finally brought a copy of the book and read it I have decided to put this book into the A book based on a true story catego

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    16 11 Finally finished This was a difficult book to read It was too dense to really hold my attention and all those footnotes broke up the flow of the reading, making it even harder I had trouble taking in the information I was reading Whenever I took a break in order to sleep or because

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    A different angle of Jews during World War II many of whom survived in the forests of Belarus thanks to the Bielski brothers and other partisans who risked their lives to rescue hundreds of Jews More than 1,200 Jews comprised a forest community surviving on scant food, clothes and supplies T

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    A Critically Important Chronicle of True HeroesThe passivity of the Jews during the Holocaust is a hotly debated topic why are the Jews of World War II Europe so often portrayed as being passive, even being accessories to their own extermination Much of this argument can be put to rest in readin

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    The book is a gripping account of the true story of the Bielski brothers who fled the German invasion during World War II and set up a village in the forest of Belorussia Their efforts and resourcefulness saved thousands of Jewish lives It is fascinating to learn how the group survived living off th

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    I was excited to read this book because the introduction said it wasn t a book based on the movie The movie was based on this book But after four chapters I finally had to stop it was so dry This isn t a novel at all I thought it was going to be a novel because on the back it says based on the extraordi

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About the Author: Nechama Tec

Nechama Tec n e Bawnik born 15 May 1931 is a Professor Emerita of Sociology at the University of Connecticut 1 She received her Ph.D in sociology at Columbia University, where she studied and worked with the sociologist Daniel Bell, and is a Holocaust scholar Her book When Light Pierced the Darkness 1986 and her memoir Dry Tears The Story of a Lost Childhood 1984 both received the Merit of Distinction Award from the Anti Defamation League of B nai B rith She is also author of the book Defiance The Bielski Partisans on which the film Defiance 2008 is based, as well as a study of women in the Holocaust She was awarded the 1994 International Anne Frank Special Recognition prize for it 2