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Patterns in History: A Christian Perspective on Historical Thought Sb Inter Varsity Press St Ed Is There Any Meaning In History Does History Revolve In Circles The Author Examines The Values Interpretation Of History

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    Bebbington explains the differing ways history has been understood and used in recent times and in the past Several prominent forms, or patterns as he calls them, have been utilized in the writing and understanding of history The patterns he identifies are cyclical, Christian, progress, historicist, and Marxist Each

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    Mate, what a resource Super enlightening Bebbington delves into various takes on the patterns that history unfolds itself in Is it cyclical, moving to a goal, an infinite progression, different collections of factors combining to make different nation states, or are the Marxists right He moves from there to talk about historio

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    An excellent introduction to the questions surrounding historiography Bennington gives you plenty to chew on while recognizing that the surface is merely being scratched I suspect that he is overstating the degree to which Christianity offers a distinctive historiography Certainly it will modify, alter, or negate other approaches, but d

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    From myreview Bebbington looks over 5 of the major schools of historiography, including, Linear, Cyclical, Christian, Marxist, and Historicist It is a good textbook for post graduate study and is highly recommended for those who are students of history as well as those who are serious history buffs Bebbington does a good job of bringing out the s

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    I appreciate his overall perspective, although I didn t find it necessary to read all the chapters in detail The first two and last two chapters are really the core of the book.

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    Wonderful and insightful balanced

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