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Union with God: Letters of Spiritual Direction by Blessed Columba Marmion Praise For Union With God This Book Is Pure Gold I Started Highlighting Parts Of The Book When I Came Upon Profound Spiritual Passages, But Soon Determined I Would Save Time By Simply Dying The Pages Of The Book Yellow So Much Of The Book Truly Resounded With Me And Stayed With Me Throughout The Day As I Used This Book As Spiritual Reading In The Morning Marmion Is Able To Put Things So Well That They Really Broke Through To Me Even When I Was Pretty Much Aware Of Basic Idea Of What He Was Saying Before As Always There Is A Great Distance From Head Knowledge And Truly Understanding Something With Your Heart Regardless Of Where Somebody Was In The Spiritual Life Marmion Was Able To Provide Direction His Advice Was Always Soaked With Scripture And The Obvious Experience Of A Contemplative Who Knew The Deep Things Of God Marmion Would Advise And Sometimes Chastise Those He Corresponded With And Even When He Had To Tell Them He Thought They Were On The Wrong Path The Way He Wrote It Is Doubtful If Anybody Could Become Angry From The Loving Way He Wrote Them Included In The Book Is A Letter He Wrote To The Pope In To Add To The Request For The Cause Of Servant Of God For Sister Therese Of The Child Jesus, Now Of Course St Therese He Obviously Immediately Recognized The Greatness Of The Little Way That Was The Basis For Her Becoming A Doctor Of The Church Another Of His Letters Of Spiritual Direction Was One Written To A Young Man Under His Charge As Abbot Of Maredsous Abbey The Person Was Considering Leaving The Benedictines To Join The Carthusians In It You Are Certain That If Blessed Marmion Had Thought That This Person Had A Vocation To The Carthusians He Would Have Blessed Him On His Way, Though In This Case He Thought It Was A Temptation That Must Be Rejected And He Forthrightly Told Him So, But With Much Love Even Though The Advice In This Book Was Largely Aimed At Priests And Religious The Usefulness Of His Advice Is Suited To Everybod

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    Be very true with God, and as soon as you let yourself be drawn away to any fault or unfaithfulness which will happen from time to time look your Heavenly Father in the face, and show Him your soul in the bare truth p 7.Yes, there are tidbits of wisdom here and there, but too brief that wished forelaboration and clarification I don t like the commentaries of the the editor this is supposed to be a complete work of Marmion, not what th

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    This book is exceptional I can see why it was one of Saint Teresa of Calcutta s favorite companion books Reading this book felt life changing It is such a beautiful look at total abandonment to God s will, utter surrender to the Lover of your soul Jesus longs for us to be His beloved, His spouse, to love Him and be united with Him forever And this book calls to us to see the extraordinary truth of His longing.

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About the Author: Columba Marmion

Reverend Father Blessed Dom Columba Marmion, OSB, born Joseph Aloysius Marmion a Roman Catholic Benedictine Irish monk and the third Abbot of Maredsous Abbey in Belgium Beatified by Pope John Paul II on September 3, 2000, Columba was one of the most popular and influential Catholic authors of the 20th Century His books are considered spiritual classics.