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The Adventures of Elizabeth in Rügen In The Real Elizabeth Holidayed On The Baltic Island Of Rugen With Just Her Maid, A Coachman, A Carriage Piled With Luggage, And A Woman Friend From Such Unpromising Beginnings Elizabeth Weaves A Captivating Farrago Around Her Encounters There S The Snobbish Bishop S Wife And Her Personable, Handsome Son, A Dressmaker And, Astonishingly, A Long Lost Cousin Charlotte Who Is Trying To Evade The Pursuit Of Her Husband, The Maddeningly Genial Old Professor

About the Author: Elizabeth von Arnim

Elizabeth, Countess Russell, was a British novelist and, through marriage, a member of the German nobility, known as Mary Annette Gr fin von Arnim.Born Mary Annette Beauchamp in Sydney, Australia, she was raised in England and in 1891 married Count Henning August von Arnim, a Prussian aristocrat, and the great great great grandson of King Friedrich Wilhelm I of Prussia She had met von Arnim during an Italian tour with her father They married in London but lived in Berlin and eventually moved to the countryside where, in Nassenheide, Pomerania, the von Arnims had their family estate The couple had five children, four daughters and a son The children s tutors at Nassenheide included E M Forster and Hugh Walpole.In 1898 she started her literary career by publishing Elizabeth and Her German Garden, a semi autobiographical novel about a rural idyll published anonymously and, as it turned out to be highly successful, reprinted 21 times within the first year Von Arnim wrote another 20 books, which were all published By the author of Elizabeth and Her German Garden.Count von Arnim died in 1910, and in 1916 Elizabeth married John Francis Stanley Russell, 2nd Earl Russell, Bertrand Russell s elder brother The marriage ended in disaster, with Elizabeth escaping to the United States and the couple finally agreeing, in 1919, to get a divorce She also had an affair with H G Wells.She was a cousin of Katherine Mansfield whose full name was Kathleen Mansfield Beauchamp.Elizabeth von Arnim spent her old age in London, Switzerland, and on the French Riviera When World War II broke out she permanently took up residence in the United States, where she died in 1941, aged 74.

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    This was an unexpectedly delightful feel good read.I usually do not read these kind of books tbh I rarely read anything that is not Science Fiction or Fantasy , but I found it on the shelves of my late mother And since Ruegen is a place I have very fond memories of I had to take a look.At the beginning of the last century Elizabeth decides to travel around Ruegen with a waiting maid and a coachman Her intention is to have a quiet journey to discover the lovely sights of the island in the Ba This was a

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    This is the lady equivalent of Starship Troopers You can read a satiric commentary, or read a lovely and addicting travel narrative of Baltic resort life 100 years ago Words are carefully, beautifully chosen even the descriptions of scenery are interesting , and it s worth a look just to admire the casual precision of language and tone Meanwhile, everyone in the book is so miserable The women are furiously, silently frustrated with the social conventions that force them to do what they leas This is the lady

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    One cannot underestimate my love for Von Arnim s writing Her fiction is good, but her autobiographical work is pure joy In this kind of work she doesn t write about much of anything, but her spirit and intelligence shine in witty observations of daily life Daily life it indeed was in her first two books, Elizabeth and Her German Garden and The Solitary Summer In those she simply described her daily goings on, mostly in her beloved garden in rural Pomerania In The Solitary Summer she had a s One cannot underestimate

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I am not reading this in German however it is by far the best picture The modern cover for the English version is this WTF hattip wandaful Available on Project Gutenberg I shall read this on my laptop, a page at a time Life is grand, thank you Wanda.Opening Every one who has been to school and still remembers what he was taught there, knows that R gen is the biggest island Germany possesses, and that it lies in the Baltic Sea off the coast of

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    I was wanting to read this book after recently finding out it is the third of a series that does not need to be read together because each book stands on its own but having read Elizabeth s German Garden and Solitary Summer, and enjoying Elizabeth von Arnim s journal like style Elizabeth has such a refreshing air about her that has me, enjoying all she says even though all the stories I have read of her including The Enchanted April are not story driven but people driven You are driven forward I was wanting to read this book aft

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    Rugen is the largest island Germany possesses It is 32 miles long and 25 miles wide with a population today of 77,000 people Although it is covered with farms and hotels today, it is rich with history from the Stone Age forward, since it was an important fortress in the Baltic Sea to regulate sea trade It has been fought over since it was taken from a germanic tribe in 500 BCE by the Danish Prince Waldemar I Later it was claimed by Pomerania then Sweden and later Russia Elizabeth visits it Rugen is the largest island Germany possesses

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    Sadly cannot find the exact edition of this book by Gutenberg Project that I downloaded to my kindle for free Both my husband and I read this book having seen it referred to in a walking program Wanderlust with Julia Bradbury and having relatives that vacation on Rugen annually It distresses me that the book descriptions are often incorrect for the various editions Elizabeth in 1904 was a lady before her timesshe wanted to walk Rugen and experience it totally but could not get a woman frie Sadly cannot find the exact edition of this book by G

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    In 1901, the Countess von Arnim Schlagenthin decides to go on a walking tour of Rugen, Germany s largest island off the Pomeranian coast None of her friends want to go with her, so she decides to go alone, in a carriage instead of walking She has an idea of writing a travel guide of the best inns on the island and best places to swim, etc She accomplishes this her gift of poetically describing nature s gifts is admirably suited to this task , but her tour of Rugen ends up being an adventure In 1901, the Countess von Arnim Schlagenthin decides to go

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    A charming travelogue from the turn of the 20th century that launched me on a trip to Rugen with fellow fans of Elizabeth von Arnim She was an astute observer of Germans taking their leisure on a beautiful Baltic Island.

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    Many authors despair of book signings however, I enjoy not just meeting the readers of my rural romances, The Sovereign Series, but also the opportunity to browse vast shelves of books, old and new At a recent book signing at Beyond the Sea in Lincolnville Beach, Nanette the owner had piled a few books other than my own on the small wooden table at which I sat Naturally, I was curious to see what work was important enough to crowd me out and somewhat antagonistically I picked up a small gra Many authors despair of book signings however, I enjoy not just meeting t

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