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Pan Handlingen Foreg R I Nordland, P Handelsstedet Sirilund Hit Kommer L Ytnant Glahn I , Og Sl R Seg Ned I En Hytte Som Jeger Og Naturdyrker Hamsun Skildrer Sterke F Lelser Av Samh Righet Mellom Menneske Og Natur Men Thomas Glahn Er En Svermer Med Sterke Dr Mmer Og Fantasier Etter M Tet Med Macks Datter Edvarda, Makter Han Ikke Falle Til Ro Igjen Pan Var Fra Hamsuns Side Planlagt Som En Liten Bok Med F Mennesker Og Megen Sjel En Stille Og R D Kj Rlighetshistorie Uten Polemikk Der Hvert Kapittel Skulle V Re Som Et Dikt Bokens Hovedpersoner Er Den Tilreisende Jeger L Ytnant Thomas Glahn Og Datteren Til Den Lokale Handelsmannen Mack, Edvarda Men I Tillegg Til Romme Nordnorske Milj Skildinger Og En Kj Rlighetshistorie, Er Romanen En Lyrisk Studie Av Natur Og Menneskesinn Hele Verket D Nner Av Mystikk Og Spenning , For Sitere Hamsun Selv

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    I went into the caf and sat down in the corner I prefer to sit there I took out my book and opened it After a while, I looked up and saw that one of the waitresses was standing behind me I realised she had been there for some time She was a pretty brunette who looked about twenty Excuse me, I said I didn t notice yo

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    First published in 1894, Pan is an early example of the influence of psychology upon literature certainly early for Scandinavian writers The book is translated from the Norwegian For the author this emphasis on psychology is very deliberate Hamsun wrote to a friend and critic about his best known book, Hunger 1890 , If we add

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    I love a dream of love I once had, I love you, and I love this patch of earth And which do you love best The dream.With his succinct 1894 novel, Pan, Knut Hamsun once again displays his prowess of capturing the human psychology and detailing the internal conflicts that arise through the sudden rise and fall of moods Through Glahn, the

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    Writing of his new novel in a letter from Paris, in 1893, Knut Hamsun noted, My new book will be beautiful it takes place in Nordland, a quiet and red love story There will be no polemics in it, just people under different skies He did indeed live up to his letter, it s precisely that.The Scandinavian wilderness comes alive so vividly, and there

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    As if you needed to revisit it, friends, yet here it is Hamsun s excruciatingly true to life depiction of the exaltation and despair of young love In his later years, the novelist Anthony Burgess had a pat blurb for certain novels he liked Of them he would say Almost unbearably moving That blurb applies perfectly to Pan This novella is so emotionally affe

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    A story of an unrequited love story set in mountains Sounds cliche but it makes for that with complex characters and beautiful prose Except for hunting and violence against animals, this book was a lovely experience Better than Growth of soil.

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    A beautifully written novel detailing the collision of the natural world and the civilized world over a period of a few seasons in the forests of Norway Hamsun s prose is at times poetic and magical several dream like chapters read like a lyrical mystery The story keeps you on your toes a couple of unexpected turns in the narrative had me flipping pages to discover the what

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    Pan certainly gives me a sense why Knut Hamsun might have been attracted to the Nazi creed I m not referring to the anti Semitism or the crude belief in eugenics, but the belief in the superman and in the purity of nature Both are deeply apparent in this work, or at least, what I think of this work On one level, Pan tells the story rather trite and clich d of a wilful, destructive wo

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    A cautionary tale Sometimes it s not a great idea to reread a favorite book from teen days I can understand why I liked this so much way back when It features a loner, a hunter living along the coast of Norway, who is in tune with the woods and the stars and the sea Norway in a Key of Thoreau, in other words What s not to like In the second reading at a muchadvantaged as a reader age a lot, tur

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    An excellent book by Hamsun He does some rather scary things, especially with his beloved dogI m cheating I know but I will quote the blurb on the book here as is far better than I could manage Set in a dense, wild forest on the Norwegian seacoast, PAN is the intense, passionate chronicle of a doomed and all consuming love affair Lieutenant Thomas Glahn, a man possessed by the magnificence of sea, sky an

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