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Everwild Everlost, The Limbo Land Of Dead Children, Is At War Nick The Chocolate Ogre Wants To Help The Children Of Everlost Reach The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Mary Hightower, Self Proclaimed Queen Of Lost Children And Dangerous Fanatic, Is Determined To Keep Everlost S Children Trapped Within Its Limbo For All Eternity Traveling In The Memory Of The Hindenburg, Mary Is Spreading Her Propaganda And Attracting Afterlights To Her Cause At A Frightening SpeedMeanwhile, Allie The Outcast Travels Home To Seek Out Her Parents, Along With Mikey, Who Was Once The Terrifying Monster The McGill Allie Is Tempted By The Seductive Thrill Of Skinjacking The Living, Until She Discovers The Shocking Truth About Skinjackers

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    Not all books suffer the dreaded second book curse Most of the time, especially in YA series trilogies, the second book will always be the most dreaded one Shusterman managed to create a terrific novel A great successor to Everlost.The novel continues with three different voices

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    Ohhh my gosh I don t even know where to begin Neal Shusterman is basically an amazing genius I m surprised he s notfamous I ve seenpeople reading Unwind recently, which is good I hopepeople keep reading his books, because they are AWESOME Unwind is definitely his best, and I don t know if

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    The second of a planned trilogy, EVERWILD picks up a unspecified but probably short time after Everlost ends And wowI thought EVERLOST was good, but EVERLOST blows it out of the water in every way, shape, and form possible A sequel that was better than the first EVERWILD continues the story of Alli

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    This book is now my favorite book Ever I think I need a good night s sleep before I can begin to describe it.Okay, now I think I m ready for this Everwild is the most phenomenal book I have ever read Shusterman has successfully combined the most original plot, the highest level of writing, and the greatest c

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    All of our leading players are now scattered across Everlost Allie along with Mikey is on her way to Memphis to find her family and learns the ins and outs of skinjacking from others who know how Nick, now known as the Chocolate Ogre, is hellbent on stopping Mary Hightower and sending children across Everlost into the

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    The plot is crazy.Plot twists are crazy.Mary is crazy.I loved most of the things in the book The ideas, the complex plot, the interesting characters, the writing styleI am so hungry for the next book that I can t wait to get my hands on it.I wish it didn t end on a cliffhanger Wonderful books don t get 5 stars because of those

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    You can tell that Neal Shusterman studied psychology in college He does such a good job with his characters, diving into ethics and the morality of kids at different ages stages He doesn t write stereotypical, cliched or 2 D bad guys He makes them human and often shows you how they went down the roads they do He also dives into the good

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    4.5, rounded up because a couple parts blew me away.I had to reread the first book first, because when I started the second one I found I didn t remember much about the first one I m very glad I did refresh my memory The second book does reiterate some things you learn in the first book, but it was still really nice to get the whole thing again be

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    Mary is one scary lady Not only does she want to rule Everwild, she was willing to do whatever it took to get back there when she was forced out Terrifying That girl has some scary plans I couldn t believe when she was willing to side with Jill after she learned what she was really doing to collect new souls well I could, but it was such an awful thing she

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    Let me firstly say that I do not like how Nick has turned out since the end of Everlost Secondly, I still firmly believe that Mary is a witch, and I really hope that instead of coming to Everlost once again she actually goes down the tunnel.Lastly, I was entirely far too angry that Zinnia is not part of Everlost any In Everlost I grew very fond of Lief In Everwild I

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