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Cat Crimes III Like Foosteps In An Empty Alley Or Screams In The Dead Of Night, Cats And Mystery Fit Purr Fectly Together CAT CRIMES Is An Eerie Collection Of Eighteen Original Spine Tingling Tales About Cats, Humans, And The Curious Company They Keep For Fans Of Mystery, Felines, Or Both, Dare To Scratch The Surface Of These New Stories From The Best Mystery Writers Working Today

About the Author: Ed Gorman

Librarian note There isthan one author in the GoodReads database with this nameEdward Joseph Gorman spent 20 years in the advertising industry before leaving to write full time in 1984 Since then, he has been incredibly prolific, averaging 2 3 novels a year in addition to many short stories, editing anthologies, and founding and editing Mystery Scene, the new magazine of the mystery field He has written in many genres, particularly crime, mystery, western, and horror Most of his novels are set in Iowa His pseudonyms include E.J Gorman, Daniel Ransom, Edward Gorman Jr., Robert David Chase, and Richard Driscoll.

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    Alright,Witcheshas refreshed my taste for short stories so now we re on to my last Cat Crimes compilation Let s see if Greenberg can pull off at least one of three.A pair of greedy thieves see an easy path to ready cash, but they re caught red handed by their not so harmless victim Cat Got Your Tongue by Barbara and Max Allan Collins was a deliciously creepy start to the book, and the twist at the end caught me completely

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    Door de verschillende verhalen in het boek is er een groot verschil in waardering Sommige verhalen verdienen een absolute 5 terwijl andere dan eerder een 2 waard zijn.

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    This is a good compilation of short stories involving cats You will laugh, cry and be very pissed off with how some of the stories end I noticed with a couple of stories it seemed like the cats were just an afterthought and just added because the story likely needed something the author could have just done something about the story itself instead of just shoehorning a cat in there and making it seem like the cat didn t really belong i

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    2.75 rating Short stories all involving a cat Some good some mediocre.

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    There is something for everyone in this book You ll laugh, cry and get mad at the way some of the stories end.

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    Collins, Barbara Cat Got Your Tongue Resnicow, Herbert A Few Strokes for Mitzi Zubro, Mark Richard Next Year, Kankakee Costello, Matthew J Where s Mittens Segriff, Larry No Hard Feelings Crider, Bill Cat Burglar Pickard, Nancy Fat Cat Lutz, John Kitty Rogak, Lisa Angowski the Wall Crowther, Peter Constant Companion Stanton Fordes, DeLoris Dumb Animals Lee, Wendi Life of Riley Hensley, Joe L Catnapper DeAndrea, William L Collins, Barbara Cat Got Your Tongue

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    Mostly good, but this collection had some odd flaws The final story in the anthology, Buster, was a real clunker, with no actual story or resolution Another tale, Neutral About Cats, had major plot holesit involved a crime committed aboard an airplane, and the whole mystery hinges on the police allowing some passengers to leave the scene without keeping track of their names That made no sense at all, and it ruined what should have been an interesting story My imp

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    This grouping of stories is the strongest so far Unfortunately, since I ve been on vacation and this is the first time I ve been able to get onto a computer in a while, I don t remember very much about my opinions on this book I know I liked most of the stories, and that s going to have to be good enough.

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    Curiously compiled collection of comedic and catastrophic cat tails no spell check needed this is a deliberate misspelling to be funny lol I just loved most of the stories, the kitties were adorable and the big cats were sometimes scarier than zoo animals There are two other collections in this series and I will be on them like a cat stalking a mouse.

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    purrr fect was my best one word description of this book in junior high.

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