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The Sixteenth Century: 1485-1603 (Short Oxford History of the British Isles) This Volume Provides A Sophisticated Yet Accessible Account Of The Transformation Of The British Isles In The Sixteenth Century Six Thematic Chapters Explore The Changes In The English Monarchical Polity, Ranging Widely To Consider The New Relationships Between The Different Parts Of The British Isles And The Establishment Of A National, Royal, And Protestant Church Separate Chapters Consider Britain S Overseas Role The Economy And Society And The Literary And Cultural Development In This Period Which Felt The Impact Of The English Bible And Shakespeare

About the Author: Patrick Collinson

Professor Patrick Collinson was a distinguished and much published author in the field of early modern history A Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge since 1988, he was Regius Professor of History at the University until 1996 He also held a number of academic distinctions, including Fellowship of the British Academy.Collinson authored his 1957 doctorate on Elizabethan Puritanism under J E Neale, and was a lecturer at the University of Khartoum and King s College London He was professor at the University of Sydney in 1969, then at the University of Kent at Canterbury and the University of Sheffield His 1967 monograph, The Elizabethan Puritan Movement, had a great impact on historians understanding of the movement The work showed Puritanism to be a significant force within the Elizabethan Church instead of merely a radical group of individuals By the time of his retirement in 1996, he was one of the doyens of English Reformation history His short summation of the period, The Reformation, was published in 2003.Collinson s work laid the foundations, in many ways, for what historians of the English Reformation currently term the Calvinist Consensus in the latter decades of the sixteenth and reign of James I VI As such, the belief Puritanism was anything but religiously radical in relation to English, and indeed British, culture stands as one of his great achievements as an historian.

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    A fantastic collection of essays relating to the Tudors including some really insightful ones on culture, religion, and the fringe areas of the British Isles great for both dipping in for short chapter length essays but also for detailed study.

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