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Ideen zu einer reinen Phänomenologie und phänomenologischen Philosophie: Erstes Buch: Allgemeine Einführung in die reine Phänomenologie (Gesammelte Werke) Das Erste Buch Von Husserls Ideen Zu Einer Reinen Phanome Nologie Und Phanomenologischen Philosophie Erschien Zu Husserls Lebzeiten , Und In Drei Fast Vollig Identischen Auflagen Erschien Im Rahmen Der Auf Grund Des Nachlasses Ver Offentlichten Ausgabe Der Gesammelten Werke Eine Neue, Auf Grund Der Handschriftlichen Zusatze Des Verfassers Erweiterte Auflage, Im Auftrage Des Husserl Archivs In Dieser Form Her Ausgegeben Von Walter Biemel Diese Ausgabe Suchte In Text Kritisch Verantworteter Form Den Mannigfachen Ansatzen Hus Serls Zu Einer Uberarbeitung Des Werkes Rechnung Zu Tragen Durch Eine Neugestaltung Des Haupttextes In Der Nunmehr Vorliegenden, Im Auftrage Des Husserl Archivs Von Karl Schuhmann Besorgten Neuausgabe Des Werkes Wird Im Ersten Halbband Allein Der Text Der Zu Lebzeiten Husserls Er Schienenen Auflagen Wiedergegeben, Wahrend Die Samtlichen Handschriftlichen Zusatze Des Verfassers Im Rahmen Der Im Zwei Ten Halbbande Zusammengefassten Erganzenden Texte Beruck Sichtigt Sind Zu Dieser Neugestaltung Des Bandes Berechtigte Und Notigte Der Fortschritt Der Editionsarbeit Des Husserl Archivs Seit Wie Der Husserl Forschung Uberhaupt Die Entwicklung Von Husserls Denken Uber Die Fassung Seiner Ideen Von Hinaus Ist Unterdessen Vielfaltig Dokumentiert Und Erforscht, Und Zu Gleich Hat Sich Das Bedurfnis Erneuert, Auch Wieder Uber Den Ur Sprunglichen Text Des Werks, Wie Es Zu Husserls Lebzeiten Er Schien Und Wirkte, Zu Verfugen Die Teilung Des Bandes Sollte Das Vergleichende Studium Von Urtext Und Vorstudien, Bearbei Tungen Und Weitergehenden Entwurfen Erleichtern

About the Author: Edmund Husserl

Edmund Gustav Albrecht Husserl Dr phil hab., University of Halle Wittenberg, 1887 Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Vienna, 1883 was a philosopher who is deemed the founder of phenomenology He broke with the positivist orientation of the science and philosophy of his day, believing that experience is the source of all knowledge, while at the same time he elaborated critiques of psychologism and historicism.Born into a Moravian Jewish family, he was baptized as a Lutheran in 1887 Husserl studied mathematics under Karl Weierstrass, completing a Ph.D under Leo K nigsberger, and studied philosophy under Franz Brentano and Carl Stumpf Husserl taught philosophy, as a Privatdozent at Halle from 1887, then as professor, first at G ttingen from 1901, then at Freiburg im Breisgau from 1916 until his 1928 retirement.

10 thoughts on “Ideen zu einer reinen Phänomenologie und phänomenologischen Philosophie: Erstes Buch: Allgemeine Einführung in die reine Phänomenologie (Gesammelte Werke)

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    I read the Cartesian Meditations and some secondary sources before tackling this and I was glad that I did This is a very difficult text, though difficulty isn t really his intention which is how I am prone to view Hegel Ideas I is one of Hus

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    This book is Husserl s historical breakthrough to transcendental phenomenology It s kind of a work in progress, and it only scratches the surface of what the philosophy of transcendental constitution would become in H s later work This is important,

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    I ve spent a significant part of the last four months in this book, and surrounding scholarship and commentaries At first for class and later out of personal interest Giving Ideas I a starred rating feels unfair to me, the way I engaged with it doesn t len

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    ARRRRRGHHHHHHH So damn annoying.Maybe one of the harder texts I ve read right up there with Hegel s Phenomenology of Spirit, and way harder than Kant s Critique , it unfortunately has no pay off, unless you enjoy ripping your hair out in frustration I don t I was

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    Though Husserl is clearly not a writer of books, I stumble on, wading through his phenomenological bog my boots squish and slip in his conceptual framework, his obscure prose flecks my pant leg This place is somewhere deep.

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    The writing is terrible, inscrutable Or maybe it s just the translation Only read the assigned chapters With the help of my wonderful professor, these inscrutable writings finally start to make sense And it s fascinating

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    In Husserl s hands, consciousness, a usually inscrutable topic, is woven into a rich and detailed tapestry Consciousness is directness towards an object be this object physical, an idea, a prior conscious act together with a dense network of other objects towards which the directness

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    Although I think this book has a few really great ideas the depsychologization of the ego in particular , it s really outshone by a LOT of stuff that came after it I got 60% through and put it down out of boredom.

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    If you are new to phenomenology, I would recommend reading Husserl s Cartesian Meditations first If you are familiar with phenomenology, then by all means jump right in I rated this book 5 stars because it does an excellent job defining phenomenology by the dude that founded phenomenology what els

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    fenomenolojiye bak m , ne yap yonuz lan bizim bilmedi imiz o k k d nyalar n zda gev ekli imden karabilirim belki selamlar husserl.

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