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Calculus The Larson CALCULUS Program Has A Long History Of Innovation In The Calculus Market It Has Been Widely Praised By A Generation Of Users For Its Solid And Effective Pedagogy That Addresses The Needs Of A Broad Range Of Teaching And Learning Styles And Environments Each Title Is Just One Component In A Comprehensive Calculus Course Program That Carefully Integrates And Coordinates Print, Media, And Technology Products For Successful Teaching And Learning A beautiful book with a wide variety of problems that will truly enhance you understanding of calculus and its applications. I don t appreciate how the book skips over steps in the example problems I have a hard time with math, so I find ithelpful to see and work through every step Also, I didn t like how the book doesn t walk through the steps in the check your answers section in the back of the book Sure, I can check my final number on the odd numbered problems but how am I supposed to catch my mistakes if I can t see where I messed up in my process I have nearly ALL of the Larson books and just upgraded this one to the 10th edition 160 shipping YIKES This is THE BEST math book I have on my shelf Once in a while a book enters my life that changes me for ever This book in it s much earlier edition of course did just that I cannot recommend it enough. This text is excellent as an introduction to the topics I definitely prefer it over Thomas, and while I like Stewart s, Larson s has such better visuals I m not sure why other reviewers find this to be a difficult text it seems to be theaccessible of the Big 3 True, it s not the most rigorous out there see Spivak s Calculus on Manifolds , but for students seeking a balanced, comprehensive, and approachable beginning text, I vote for Larson.

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