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Mexican Gothic From The Author Of Gods Of Jade And Shadow Comes A Reimagining Of The Classic Gothic Suspense Novel, A Story About An Isolated Mansion In S Mexico And The Brave Socialite Drawn To Its Treacherous Secrets He Is Trying To Poison Me You Must Come For Me, Noem You Have To Save Me After Receiving A Frantic Letter From Her Newly Wed Cousin Begging For Someone To Save Her From A Mysterious Doom, Noem Taboada Heads To High Place, A Distant House In The Mexican Countryside She S Not Sure What She Will Find Her Cousin S Husband, A Handsome Englishman, Is A Stranger, And Noem Knows Little About The Region Noem Is Also An Unlikely Rescuer She S A Glamorous Debutante, And Her Chic Gowns And Perfect Red Lipstick Are Suited For Cocktail Parties Than Amateur Sleuthing But She S Also Tough, Smart, And Has An Indomitable Will, And She Is Not Afraid Not Of Her Cousin S New Husband, Who Is Both Menacing And Alluring Not Of His Father, The Ancient Patriarch Who Seems To Be Fascinated By Noem And Not Even Of The House Itself, Which Begins To Invade Noemi S Dreams With Visions Of Blood And DoomHer Only Ally In This Inhospitable Abode Is The Family S Youngest Son Shy And Gentle, He Seems To Want To Help Noem , But Might Also Be Hiding Dark Knowledge Of His Family S Past For There Are Many Secrets Behind The Walls Of High Place The Family S Once Colossal Wealth And Faded Mining Empire Kept Them From Prying Eyes, But As Noem Digs Deeper She Unearths Stories Of Violence And Madness And Noem , Mesmerized By The Terrifying Yet Seductive World Of High Place, May Soon Find It Impossible To Ever Leave This Enigmatic House Behind This Sounds Incredible A gothic suspense novel set in 1950s Mexico with a cover like that adding book to cart Who am I to deny myself every single desire that crosses my brain OMG I had no brain right now The author stole it I wish she would have put some bravery into my heart because I think I m not gonna sleep at least for a week and I already brought back Christmas ornaments and enlightened house I don t have any idea how much electric bill will coast next month but I m sure my husband will have the worst scream crying experience of his lifetime This book is insanely terrifying, spin tingling, horrifying, mind blowing, eyes popping, tear jerker nope it s not emotional, you cry like a baby because you realize you just pissed your pants when you were reading it and you re dying from humiliation I ve been there , paranoid, a dangerous dancing between Mexican folklore, horror stories and Darwin s theory of natural selection You want to throw the book and start running outside from your house I took 5 tours around Sunset Boulevard at the rush hour and was saluted by angry drivers flipping birds but I didn t care Running gave me endorphin and adrenalin I needed Here is the eerie, ominous, petrifying plot of the book Noemi is sent to High Place after her father gets an awkward and suspicious letter from her cousin Catalina, recently got married The letter implied that she s suffering from a mental illness or there s something really wrong about her husband Virgil s mansion So Noemi goes there to check her cousin s medical condition and learn the truth hid behind her letter.But as she takes a few steps to the house, she feels that something is really really wrong about the place she s introduced to Virgil s family resembles us Manson Family meets Adam Family Yes, they re completely weird, living by strict rules, having marriages in family, covering the house s walls with deceased brides And there is a big tragedy still affects the soul of the house a daughter kills her family members and commits suicide.So as a normal person, Noemi should cry for help and run as soon as she meets that eerie people, including control freak, demanding Florence, flirting and nasty Virgil, the maids who act like they swore to silence and don t forget about Howard reminds us of long time zombie extra of Walking Dead I think he s soul mate of woman in bath in Shining And only normal person of the family is na ve, artistic, shy son of Florence Francis who loves to talk about fungus.I m not gonna give much spoiler but this riveting, heart shattering, blood freezing, scary book has so many alerting elements including ghosts, sleepwalking, violence, bloodshed, disgusting and extreme vulgarity It s so different from the first book of the author but if you ask my opinion that did I enjoy it Of course I truly did I tested my pain endurance levels I screamed a lot and I was flabbergasted, speechless at some chapters And ending, yes it s volatile, blasting but also satisfying.This means here comes another gazillion five stars But quick note when you re reading this book, don t try to eat your mushroom pizza as like I did I don t like to write what happened to me afterwards This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO twisted, unexpected, gory, exhilarating I don t know a sequel comes after that But if author decides to write it, I d be happily to consume it without thinking a second Sooooo much special thanks to NetGalley and Random House Publishing Ballantine for sharing this fantastic ARC and making my wish come true in exchange my honest review And I personally congratulate Silvia Moreno Garcia for this heart throbbing, extra ordinary book.bloginstagramfacebooktwitter This was the creepiest and weirdest book I ve read so far this year WHAT A WILD RIDE.Imagine it s the 1950 s, you re driving through a small town, up a winding hill, through some rusty gates and through the fog you see a huge Gothic mansion with a VERY troubled past.Silvia has an outstanding way with setting a mood Every bit of her writing and setting comes together into this dreamy, Gothic sense that pervades absolutely every bit of the book It s enchanting really and helps catch the reader up and make the strange world within convincing What is so terrific in this novel is the intricately woven back story to the reckoning The cryptic but riveting manner with which the passing of time is described had me enchanted It was, in a way, full of desperation and longing, though strangely beautifulThis is a plot and mystery driven novel In addition to the alarming present happenings, there s a mysterious past that Noem has yet to unscramble, and a future that remains grimly uncertain I loved that she s not supposed to be likable She s very vain and she knows it and being surrounded by a mysterious family who are incredibly strict 1 Absolute silence especially during dinner 2 No driving down to the local town3 No smoking4 No lighting better keep curtains closed 5 No hot water during baths6 Be a respectful young ladyIt lead s her to become feisty, with numerous confrontations and rebellious acts and you can t help but root for her and hope she finds the answers she seeks Also on the subject of balance, with all the eeriness and horror, I was glad to have some sweet moments of awkward, youthful romance to lighten things up Don t expect a passion filled, all encompassing love story It s a simple, yet sweet romance that leaves you smiling.Come to Mexican Gothic for the dark and creepy, and you shall likely leave satisfied.

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