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The Guest List A Wedding Celebration Turns Dark And Deadly In This Deliciously Wicked And Atmospheric Thriller Reminiscent Of Agatha Christie From The Author Of The Hunting PartyThe Bride The Plus One The Best Man The Wedding Planner The Bridesmaid The BodyOn An Island Off The Coast Of Ireland, Guests Gather To Celebrate Two People Joining Their Lives Together As One The Groom Handsome And Charming, A Rising Television Star The Bride Smart And Ambitious, A Magazine Publisher It S A Wedding For A Magazine, Or For A Celebrity The Designer Dress, The Remote Location, The Luxe Party Favors, The Boutique Whiskey The Cell Phone Service May Be Spotty And The Waves May Be Rough, But Every Detail Has Been Expertly Planned And Will Be Expertly ExecutedBut Perfection Is For Plans, And People Are All Too Human As The Champagne Is Popped And The Festivities Begin, Resentments And Petty Jealousies Begin To Mingle With The Reminiscences And Well Wishes The Groomsmen Begin The Drinking Game From Their School Days The Bridesmaid Not So Accidentally Ruins Her Dress The Bride S Oldest Male Friend Gives An Uncomfortably Caring Toast And Then Someone Turns Up Dead Who Didn T Wish The Happy Couple Well And Perhaps Important, Why

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    Lucy Foley follows The Hunting Party with this even hugely entertaining atmospheric murder mystery, a modern take on Agatha Christie, set on the wild and isolated Cormorant Island, off the west coast of Ireland The golden celebrity couple, Julia Jules Keegan, publisher of a successful online magazine, and the handsome Will Slater, rising star of TV show Survival, are getting married in style in

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    4 5 stars You are cordially invited to the wedding of Julia Keegan, owner of a lifestyle magazine and Will Slater, TV star The wedding of the year will take place on Inis Amploir Cormorant Island off the Irish coast A boat will be provided to ferry you to and from the island, though the main wedding party will stay in the luxuriously refurbished Folly It would be wise to take a motion sickness pill prio

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    This book is a rule breaker for me because I hate two things throughout my readings 1 Too many POVS I got confused easily and I don t like to go back to remember which character was the post man rang twice or which character had some irrelevant back story, blablas, unnecessary yadayadas2 Slow burning story telling I m impatient person, I like to go straight and cut to the chase So I don t like stalling around f

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    A celebrity wedding between a magazine publisher and a popular TV action man, a best man who knows dark secrets about the groom s past, a fragile bridesmaid, a group of odious ushers who went to private school with the groom and act as if they never left, all on a small windswept island off the Irish coast What could possibly go wrong The Guest List is a suspenseful thriller, starting the day before the wedding as the

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    After reading The Hunting Party and being totally hooked, I was very excited to get my hands on The Guest List and escape for a few hours Julie a magazine publisher is marrying television star celebrity Will Slater, the star of the show Survival The location of their wedding is on an Island off the coast of Ireland The guests will come over on a boat and a select few will be staying at the refurbished Folly, which is run by co

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    Everyone has secrets in this who dunnit mystery suspense I read The Hunting Party and loved it, so I couldn t wait to get my hands on Foley s newest thriller There is definitely a similarity between the two and I m not sure which one I liked better Foley is wonderful at transforming a remote setting into the perfect murder sitevery chilling and eerie She also likes to keep it interesting by gathering an ill matched group Like her prev

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    EXCERPT NOW The Wedding Night The lights go out In an instant, everything is in darkness The band stop their playing Inside the marquee the wedding guests squeal and clutch at one another The light from the candles on the tables only adds to the confusion, sends shadows racing up the canvas walls It s impossible to see where anyone is or hear what anyone is saying above the guests voices the wind rises in a frenzy Outside a storm is raging It

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    This is an Agatha Christie inspired mystery in a modern setting combined with a psychological thriller Like the author s Hunting Party, its formula revolves around a mismatched group of people in a remote setting The location is a windswept island off the Irish coast Near the beginning, we learn that one of the group has been murdered What we don t know is the identity of the person killed, who did it, or the motivation Guests are arriving at this al

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    I received this ARC from Netgalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review I normally would of said Thank you at the start of that sentence But on this occasion, the only thing to say thank you for was that it was reasonably short.I requested this, as from the blurb it had great promise Boy was I wrong The first chapter was quite good After that each chapter was written from a different guests pov Jumping all over the place None of the characters

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    I was not the biggest fan of The Hunting Party last year but I was certainly in the minority I wanted to give the author another go and I am happy to say that The Guest List exceeded my expectations and I read most it this afternoon A great psychological thriller with a cast of truly despicable characters It was clever and with its creepy setting great rainy Sunday afternoon read.It is the first wedding to be held on this small island off the coast of Ireland, an is

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