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Mindf*ck For The First Time, The Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower Tells The Inside Story Of The Data Mining And Psychological Manipulation Behind The Election Of Donald Trump And The Brexit Referendum, Connecting Facebook, WikiLeaks, Russian Intelligence, And International HackersMindf Ck Goes Deep Inside Cambridge Analytica S American Operations, Which Were Driven By Steve Bannon S Vision To Remake America And Fueled By Mysterious Billionaire Robert Mercer S Money, As It Weaponized And Wielded The Massive Store Of Data It Had Harvested On Individuals In Excess Of Million To Disunite The United States And Set Americans Against Each Other Through Psychological Manipulation Bannon Had Long Sensed That Deep Within America S Soul Lurked An Explosive Tension Cambridge Analytica Had The Data To Prove It, And In Bannon Had A Presidential Campaign To Use As His Proving GroundChristopher Wylie Might Have Seemed An Unlikely Figure To Be At The Center Of Such An Operation Canadian And Liberal In His Politics, He Was Only Twenty Four When He Got A Job With A London Firm That Worked With The UK Ministry Of Defense And Was Charged Putatively With Helping To Build A Team Of Data Scientists To Create New Tools To Identify And Combat Radical Extremism Online In Short Order, Those Same Military Tools Were Turned To Political Purposes, And Cambridge Analytica Was Born Wylie S Decision To Become A Whistleblower Prompted The Largest Data Crime Investigation In History His Story Is Both Expos And Dire Warning About A Sudden Problem Born Of Very New And Powerful Capabilities It Has Not Only Exposed The Profound Vulnerabilities And Profound Carelessness In The Enormous Companies That Drive The Attention Economy, It Has Also Exposed The Profound Vulnerabilities Of Democracy Itself What Happened In Was Just A Trial Run Ruthless Actors Are Coming For Your Data, And They Want To Control What You Think

About the Author: Christopher Wylie

Christopher Wylie has been called the millennials first great whistleblower and a pink haired, nose ringed oracle sent from the future He is known for his role in setting upand then taking downCambridge Analytica His revelations exposing the rampant misuse of data rocked Silicon Valley and led to some of the largest multinational investigations into data crime ever Born in British Columbia,

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    5 READ THIS My pick for best non fiction, true crime, psychological thriller ever Can t believe I wrote so much and didn t once mention Steve Bannon, who is the one who thought to turn this research into psychological warfare I don t know what else to say other than I was na ve than I thought I was at the

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    Mindf ck Cambridge Analytica and the Plot to Break America by Christopher Wylie is a cautionary tale about politics, Steve Bannon, Big Data and how to set Americans against one another and the whole thing brought to you by a twenty four year old Canadian whistleblower This is a classic case of food for thought and

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    This book gets my five stars, simply by opening my eyes to the idea of data as a commodity The title could not be apt, the reading experience was a total Mindf uck and I really feel strongly this should be a compulsory read for those seeking to understand the dark nexus of politics and social media.

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    Just read this book And then walk through the world You won t be the same.

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    This book blew my mind With the devastating election news from the UK and the rise of bigotry across the world, it is crucial to understand the role of social media The contest over data in the digital realm is the new playing field where elections and ideologies are made and mapped, and yet these machinations are invisibilized It has bec

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    I said nothing during the meeting, but afterward I went to see Alexander Nix This can t be legal, I told him To which he replied, You can t expect anything legal with these people It s Africa To my way of thinking, the Cambridge Analytica operation explains about ninety percent of both the American and British nightmare scenarios of the

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    If you re looking to understand Cambridge Analytica, datamining and their inextricable link with contemporary politics you could probably do a lot worse than this book, where you get the story straight from the proverbial horse s mouth Chris Wylie worked at CA, so has all the intel on how the company excelled to have the wield it did If I was rating pure

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    This book details the efforts of Cambridge analytica, Steve Bannon, the Mercer s and Russian intelligence to influence the 2016 U.S elections and the U K Brexit vote The writer worked for the company and became a whistleblower Everybody should read this account which rings true and begs the question why did they all get away with it Why hasn t anyone one of the

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    We owe Mr Wylie a debt of gratitude for coming forward, at considerable personal risk and cost, to tell this story And he tells it well, and clearly and concisely What emerges is of course, simply horrific, and at times intensely cringe worthy We see upper class Brit twits from, as we say nowadays, central casting destroying the world while having a lovely time and indu

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    First is this memoir better than Edward Snowden s Yes They re different and should be treated as such, but, yes, this one is a better book.This book is better because of its style and how human it is, to me While Snowden s report on what not only the US government did to its citizens and the rest of the world, together with some of the biggest tech companies on our planet, Wyli

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