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The Honey-Dont List Carey Douglas Has Worked For Home Remodeling And Design Gurus Melissa And Rusty Tripp For Nearly A Decade A Country Girl At Heart, Carey Started In Their First Store At Sixteen, And Than Anyone Would Suspect Has Helped Them Build An Empire With A New Show And A Book About To Launch, The Tripps Are On The Verge Of Superstardom There S Only One Problem America S Favorite Couple Can T Stand Each Other James McCann, MIT Graduate And Engineering Genius, Was Originally Hired As A Structural Engineer, But The Job Isn T All He Thought It D Be The Last Straw Both He And Carey Must Go On Book Tour With The Tripps And Keep The Wheels From Falling Off The Proverbial Bus Unfortunately, Neither Of Them Is In Any Position To Quit Carey Needs Health Insurance, And James Has Been Promised The Role Of A Lifetime If He Can Just Keep The Couple On Track For A Few Weeks While Road Tripping With The Tripps Up The West Coast, Carey And James Vow To Work Together To Keep Their Bosses Secrets Hidden, And Their Own Jobs Secure But If They Stop Playing Along And Start Playing For Keeps They May Have The Chance To Build Something Beautiful Together From The Hilariously Zany And Heartfelt Booklist Christina Lauren Comes A Romantic Comedy That Proves If It S Broke, You Might As Well Fix ItFrom The New York Times Bestselling Author Behind The Joyful, Warm, Touching Jasmine Guillory,New York Times Bestselling AuthorThe Unhoneymooners Comes A Delightfully Charming Love Story About What Happens When Two Assistants Tasked With Keeping A Rocky Relationship From Explosion Start To Feel Sparks Of Their Own

About the Author: Christina Lauren

Christina Lauren is the combined pen name of long time writing partners besties soulmates brain twins Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings The coauthor duo writes both Young Adult and Adult Fiction, and together has produced fourteen New York Times bestselling novels Their books have been translated into 30 languages Some of these books have kissing Some of these books have A LOT of kissing.

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    Oh yesssss I got one of my favorite romance duo s books and celebrating with happy dance I made a change and forced my mother in law and husband dance for me this time which was pathetic experience They don t know wh

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    The Middle is Good The Honey Don t List is a romance about two personal assistants who find love while trying to keep their bosses marriage from imploding Carey has been working for Melissa Melly and Rusty Tripp since

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    Part of the reason I had a difficult time connecting with this novel isn t because it is poorly written or flawed, but because my expectations were in a completely different place than the direction that this book chose to take This c

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    okay so this isnt quite like any other CL novel ive read before when picking up a CL book, ive come to except either a really funny story or a really touching story and this is neither this is pleasant enough, but its missing that classic CL c

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    3.85 StarsNothing in Life Comes Easy and that Includes Love, especially When Your Career is on the Line Carey Douglas life has revolved around Melissa and Rusty Tripp since she was Sixteen Years old What was once just a small store in Wyoming has becom

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    This book was very meh unfortunately I love Christina Lauren with all my heart and soul but this book was just not it This book was lacking that Christina Lauren spark and magic and charm that I love so much about their books We follow these characters Carey an

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    They re back at it again This ll be an easy preorder Get in me basket you

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    a delightfully charming love story about what happens when two assistants tasked with keeping a rocky relationship from explosion start to feel sparks of their own Yes, thank you very much This is exactly the content I need

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    10 17 19 this cover is not as creative as i hoped it would be 9 15 19 I really hope this one ends up being better than Twice In A Blue Moon just kidding keep em coming i ve already gotten myself placed on the mailing list SLOW DOWNI HAVEN T EVEN READ Twice in a Blue Moon YETI NEED MORE T

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    okay.so this isn t quite like any CL book that I ve picked up insert hands up emoji here I ve come to expect either extremely sweet touching story or something with humor at it s finest The Honey Don t List was a huge disappointment for me and is missing the special CL touch I love Carey has work

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