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Follow Me From The Author Of Truth Be Toldformerly Titled Are You Sleeping Now An Apple TV Series Of The Same Name Comes A Cautionary Tale Of Oversharing In The Social Media Age For Fans Of Jessica Knoll And Caroline Kepnes S You Everyone Wants New Followers Until They Follow You Home Audrey Miller Has An Enviable New Job At The Smithsonian, A Body By Reformer Pilates, An Apartment Door With A Broken Lock, And Hundreds Of Thousands Of Instagram Followers To Bear Witness To It All Having Just Moved To Washington, DC, Audrey Busies Herself Impressing Her New Boss, Interacting With Her Online Fan Base, And Staving Off A Creepy Upstairs Neighbor With The Help Of The Only Two People She Knows In Town An Ex Boyfriend She Can T Stay Away From And A Sorority Sister With A High Powered Job And A Mysterious Past But Audrey S Faulty Door May Be The Least Of Her Security Concerns Unbeknownst To Her, Her Move Has Brought Her Within Striking Distance Of Someone Who S Obsessively Followed Her Social Media Presence For Years From Her First WordPress Blog To Her Most Recent Instagram Story No Longer Content To Simply Follow Her Carefully Curated Life From A Distance, He Consults The Dark Web For Advice On How To Make Audrey His And His Alone In His Quest To Win Her Heart, Nothing Is Off Limits And Nothing Is Private With Compelling, Suspenseful Liz Nugent Prose, Kathleen Barber S Electrifying New Thriller Will Have You Scrambling To Cover Your Webcam And Digital Footprints Audrey Miller is a woman that has it all including over a million followers on Instagram She has a carefully curated life that she shares with all of her followers any chance she can get To say she may be addicted to the attention is an understatementThe side effect of only showing the best and most beautiful bits of my life to everyone meant that I felt I couldn t reveal my messier, complicated emotions to anyone other than a trusted fewthat s some first world problems right there, amiright To say Audrey didn t gain my sympathy is an understatement What s the problem with posting every detail of your life you might ask That information could fall into the wrong hands Hands that may believe that you are fated to be together Having recently moved to Washington DC from NYC for a job change she reconnects with her college best friend, Cat Cat has always admired Audrey s charm and carefree lifestyle but at the same time it causes her great concern that Audrey isn t careful and that perhaps she is too trusting of strangers Audrey suddenly feels like she s being watched at all times Is she being stalked or is she being paranoid This was a fast paced psych thriller that may be a bit predictable but was still a fun read I will admit that the ending wasn t exactly how I was expecting it to go and it was also the most disappointing aspect of the book for multiple reasons view spoiler So Cat goes to jail and Max just walks away Audrey actually believes he would have never hurt her because he truly loved her And now he s going to stalk her again for what looks like could be a sequel I call bullshit hide spoiler Sometimes the only reason I leave my house is so that when someone asks about my day I don t have to say, NetGalley and avoiding responsibilities.Today is not that day I tore into this like it was my job and I loved every crazy minute of this book Kathleen Barber, I will follow you straight to Crazy Town anytime 5 Stars This is one of the best books I ve read in awhile Thank you to Kathleen Barber, Gallery, Pocket Books, and NetGalley for giving me this ARC in exchange for an honest review 3.5 starsA guy becomes obsessed with a girl He stalks her online and takes extraordinary measures and extra creepy steps to learn everything about her He will do whatever it takes to insert himself in her life and make her his own Sound familiar While Follow Me is quite similar to You, it is not a copy cat There are enough differences that make it interesting to read Someone is stalking Audrey, a social media influencer who posts EVERY element of her life online The reader doesn t know who her creepy stalker is, turning this into a bit of a mystery Is it her new handsy co worker Her crazy best friend Her ex boyfriend Her new boyfriend The creepy guy who has gained access to her workplace A random fan who follows her online I wasn t sure how things were going to play out, and boy do they take an interesting turn Follow Me is split between the POV s of Audrey, Him, and Cat Audrey s best friend Audrey is maybe a slightly likable version of Beck She is self involved and annoying, but there are moments when I felt bad for her They didn t last long, though Him ain t no Joe He lacks Joe s charisma and sinister charm.Cat is Audrey s best friend Cat, well, she changes everything She has the most interesting voice of the three characters, IMHO Is Follow Me better than You HELL NOHowever, it s a thoroughly entertaining and twisty read that kept me guessing The ending is all kinds of crazy and over the top fun Barber adds an interesting twist by playing off the vulnerability of those who feel the need to live their lives on Social Media I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Four welcome to attention seekers world don t have any problem to bring their stalkers into their own lives because main motto of own the social media obsessed fakers is If it doesn t kill you, it makes you interesting stars You know, one of my favorite musical s theme song the beginning of my addiction to move like Travolta and drink like Jagger was Grease s Four Season But I m changing words and adapting to our new introvert, artificial, faking people whose face glued to their phones to post new photos and distorted facts about their pathetic, miserable lives at least that s what they think because they re not satisfied with their true selves Here we go Social media is the word, is the word that you heard It s got a groove, it s got a meaning Faking is the time, is the place, is the motion Deceiving yourself is the way we are feeling So we have virtual world s amazing queen Audrey who is an exclusive, experienced presenter of her upgraded self on social media jungle She has millions of followers, admirers, followers and real stalkers But guess what, she has to move to D.C for getting a proper titled job to make her ends meet and live in an apartment without roommates even the place is trashy basement and landlord s grandson has friendly tendencies to be appeared from nowhere by using his secret key and harassing her Audrey s best friend Cat is climbing ladders at her law firm, workaholic and all work no play kind of dull girl, relieved to see her friend Audrey moved to the same city she is living But Cat is insecure, having troubles to be accepted by other people, shy, introvert, social dysfunctional It s sad but true to say that Audrey feels safe with her because she likes to use her as her protection shield and she knows, Cat cannot steal her spotlight There are so many things about Audrey to make easier to hate her, detest her and slap her but we can t because we know behind the closed doors, she s so vulnerable and she needs to be cared and loved She s loner and neglected by her own family That s why she s keeping Cat in her life because she knows Cat never leaves her and she is tolerant to her antics and selfishness But there is HIM, Joe Goldberg s rich and loaded version, coming from a classy family , has bad luck with the girls because he s obsessively falling in love with them and when he is dumbed, he gets devastated by all those rejections But thankfully he doesn t have a special basement dungeon covered with glasses to lock those girls Our guy is harmless when we compare him with Joe So HIM is in love with Audrey and he thinks they re fated He watches every step her take, every move her make, every bond she break, she s watching her It s not as creepy as it seems when the song was sang by Sting and Robert Downey Jr, yes I m talking about my favorite Ally McBeal scene The author misguided us between six guys who could be stalker But I found it eventually, not thank to my spider sense, it was easy catch The one thing bothered me is the way of the men look at Audrey as if she s goddess But nothing is extraordinary about her She s manipulator, amazing presenter and faker but come on Why everyone is so obsessed with her Everyone is acting like graduated with PR degree in our modern world Nothing makes special a good faker If only his ex was like that I would say okay, maybe his ex had his own issues to move on But even her colleagues, Cat s long time crush friend, random guys passing by the museum seemed like infuriated by her magical pus Fill the blanks This part about the book irritated me I was about to give three stars but intriguing, mysterious, page turner pacing and amazing ending changed my mind and I m giving four stars In my opinion this is so much better stalker book from You Definitely too much better than Hidden Bodies, too The social media references and fast, riveting chapters, way of story telling and sarcasm hid between the lines made me enjoy this book so much,Special thanks to NetGalley and Gallery Books for sharing me this fascinating ARC COPY with me in exchange my honest and completely satisfied review

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