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Vesper Flights Animals Don T Exist In Order To Teach Us Things, But That Is What They Have Always Done, And Most Of What They Teach Us Is What We Think We Know About Ourselves Helen Macdonald S Bestselling Debut H Is For Hawk Brought The Astonishing Story Of Her Relationship With Goshawk Mabel To Global Critical Acclaim And Announced Macdonald As One Of This Century S Most Important And Insightful Nature Writers H Is For Hawk Won The Samuel Johnson Prize For Nonfiction And The Costa Book Award, And Was A Finalist For The National Book Critics Circle Award And The Kirkus Prize For Nonfiction, Launching Poet And Falconer Macdonald As Our Preeminent Nature Essayist, With A Semi Regular Column In The New York Times MagazineIn Vesper Flights Helen Macdonald Brings Together A Collection Of Her Best Loved Essays, Along With New Pieces On Topics Ranging From Nostalgia For A Vanishing Countryside To The Tribulations Of Farming Ostriches To Her Own Private Vespers While Trying To Fall Asleep Meditating On Notions Of Captivity And Freedom, Immigration And Flight, Helen Invites Us Into Her Most Intimate Experiences Observing Songbirds From The Empire State Building As They Migrate Through The Tribute Of Light, Watching Tens Of Thousands Of Cranes In Hungary, Seeking The Last Golden Orioles In Suffolk S Poplar Forests She Writes With Heart Tugging Clarity About Wild Boar, Swifts, Mushroom Hunting, Migraines, The Strangeness Of Birds Nests, And The Unexpected Guidance And Comfort We Find When Watching Wildlife By One Of This Century S Most Important And Insightful Nature Writers, Vesper Flights Is A Captivating And Foundational Book About Observation, Fascination, Time, Memory, Love And Loss And How We Make Sense Of The World Around Us

About the Author: Helen Macdonald

Helen Macdonald is a writer, poet, historian, illustrator and naturalist She s worked as a Research Fellow at Jesus College, Cambridge, as a professional falconer, and in raptor research and conservation projects across Eurasia She is an affiliate of the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge She lives in Suffolk, UK.

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    Naturalist Helen Macdonald, author of the immensely successful H is for Hawk, gives us a collection of 41 texts about thelove for the glittering world of non human life around us , as she herself explains As the book contains only 272 pages, there are many short essays and even shorter vignettes, combining information about wildlife and meditating on the fact that us humans tend to see our natural surroundings as mirrors of ourselves, that we search for meaning pertaining to our position Nat

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    On warm summer evenings swifts that aren t sitting on eggs or tending their chicks fly low and fast, screaming in speeding packs around rooftops and spires Later, they gather higher in the sky, their calls now so attenuated by air and distance that to the ear they corrode into something that seems less than sound, to suspicions of dust and glass And then, all at once, as if summoned by a call or bell, they rise higher and higher until they disappear from view These ascents are called vespersOn war

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    To be human is to see ourselves as the center of the world, to hold nature at an arms length and look at it as a mirror of ourselves separate from us but not entirely discrete a reflection of our needs, our thoughts, and our lives Vesper Flightsa collection of over 40 luminous narrative essays by the acclaimed naturalist Helen Macdonald brings the natural world out of the woods not as an entity we have dominion over but as something beautifully complex and worthy of sav our ing for reasons To be human is

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    With H is for Hawk, Helen Macdonald wrote a showstopper that was at the top of many lists Vesper Flights, beginning with its beautiful title, is composed of numerous essays, and at least in the prepublication galley I had, they are all strung together, no breaks Until I understood this odd presentation, I had to put on the brakes and reread several beginnings to regather the context But the material itself is mesmerizing Whether she is talking about migratory habits and going to the top of With H is for Hawk, He

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    I won t say much about this because the author is almost a sure bet, whatever she produces If you re a nature lover on any level, and maybe even if you re not, this is likely to resonate with you 4.5 Stars I really appreciate the ARC for review

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    If you are a lover of birdswell, of anything and everything in the natural worldyou might feel you could have written this collection of essays yourself Each piece is a delicate vignette of minute, sensitive discoveries in the natural world I so admire Helen MacDonald for her heartfelt appreciation of all the things in nature that pull at my own heart I nominate her Nature Writer Queen.

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    This is a luminous book, a guide to Macdonald s life and ways of thinking, and, along, the way, a meditation on birds and nature and change and cows and falcons and deer I can t wait to be able to give this book to people who love words and nature and will savor every poetic phrase and observation.

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    I liked but did not love this diverse collection of essays about nature, plants, animals and humans troubled relationship with the natural world I think perhaps if I had been reading this slowly, in paper rather than as an e book, I might have found it asatisfying read Nonetheless, a solid collection filled with interesting ideas and reflections.

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    Fans of H Is for Hawk will rejoice, as will any lover of first rate nature writing In her new essay collection Vesper Flights, Helen Macdonald plumbs the depths of the meanings man has spun around animal life, and does it all on sharp and soaring wings.

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    Vesper Flights by Helen Macdonald is very aptly titled The book of personal essays should be considered as the author s personal flights of memories and experiences I thoroughly enjoyed reading H is for Hawk and although Vesper Flights is a very different type of book, it is extremely interesting I wish the book had photographs of the places and the themes of the essays because it would be a perfect display or coffee table book The writing is filled with emotion and the careful thought of on Vesper Flights by Helen Macdonald is very aptly titled The boo

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