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Bird Hugs Bernard Isn T Like Other Birds His Wings Are Impossibly Long, And Try As He Might, He Just Can T Seem To Fly He S Left Wondering What His Wings Are Good For If They Re Even Good For Anything At All But A Chance Encounter With A Dejected Orangutan Leads Bernard To A Surprising Discovery That Maybe What Makes Him Different Is Actually Something To Be Embraced

About the Author: Ged Adamson

Ged Adamson is a British picture book author and artist He has worked as a cartoonist, a storyboard artist, and a composer for television and film He grew up in Liverpool and now lives in London with his partner, Helen, and their son, Rex.

10 thoughts on “Bird Hugs

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    This was so sweet Bernard is a bird whose wings are too long and he cannot fly He thinks his wings are useless and goes off on his own till one day he discovers that his wings may have a wonderful use after all This story was just too cute I loved Bernard and thought he was so adorable an

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    Cute story about differences and how friends are important.

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    This is too adorable Poor Bernard has ridiculously long wings, and try as he might, he cannot fly like the other birds.But, one day he finds out that his wings are just perfect for another purpose.A sweet, sweet story for huggers and bird lovers of all ages This is too adorable Poor Bernard has ridicul

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    3.5 COSY STARSGreat reminder for kids and adults that it s our differences that make us special Plus the book highlights how awesome hugs are.Nice illustrations, with a good colour scheme A short little morsel for kidsFreebie on27th January 2020.

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    The artwork is good, though too pastel for my taste Bernard struggles with being different and with overcoming a perceived lack on his part Not everything works out as he wanted and realizes that s okay It s a sweet story, and not too heavy handed with its message of learning to accept yourself.

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    A cute, affirmative tale of realizing ones self worth.

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    4.5 stars rounded down A very, very sweet book about doing the best we can with our differences and finding creative ways of making them strengths, just like Bernard with the wings a yard long, with which he couldn t fly The illustrations are adorable and very colorful This book would be perfect for the very young even to older c

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    What a delightful and important children s book Anyone who has ever felt different who hasn t will feel better after reading this book or having it read to them Made me feel warm and fuzzy all over If your child has just started school, or just moved and has to make new friends, or is different from other children in ANY way, get this b

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    This is an adorable book about a bird born with wings that are too long, and how he overcomes this handicap by using it for other wonderful purposes He ends up making other animals happy and making lots of new friends The new friends surprise Bernard with a little thank you ride Everyone helps each other Very well done Not overly cutesy One ty

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    Fun book, kindle formatting awkwardPortrait and Landscape differences create awkward reading experience on kindle You have to turn the tablet several times which is fine in regular print but awkward on tablet.

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