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Never Enough (Meet Me in Montana, #1) From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Cowboys And Angels Series Comes An Intricate Romance That Asks The Question, Can Love Heal The Pain Of The Past Longing To Forget The Pain Of His Wife S Death, Brock Shaw Has Immersed Himself In The One Thing That Lets Him Escape The Guilt Bull Riding But Life On The Road Means Leaving His Young Son At Home With His Parents They Want Him To Give Up His Career And Be A Father To His Child, But Brock Needs The Adrenaline To Get Through Each Day Or So He ThinksLincoln Pratt Needs A Fresh Start As A Top Interior Designer In Atlanta, She Has Everything She Could Ever Want, But She S Always At Her Father S Mercy Something S Missing, And Lincoln Knows She Ll Only Find It Somewhere Far Away Like The Rolling Pastures Of Hamilton, Montana, Where She Meets The Irresistibly Mysterious BrockIn Brock Shaw, Lincoln Sees The Part Of Her That S Missing In Lincoln Pratt, Brock Sees The Part Of Himself He Thought He D Lost But The Pain Of His Past Binds Him Can He Let Himself Love Again Never Enough begins a new series for prolific author Kelly Elliott Single dad Brock uses the adrenaline high of bull riding to escape his guilt over his wife s death Interior designer Lincoln sees her move from Georgia to Montana as a way of asserting independence from her father She has purchased his old house and met his brother Ty and son Blayze, but meeting Brock was like tossing a match at dry kindling He is a rude, insufferable jerk ready to detonate at the slightest provocationand hot He sees her as meddling and nosy and hot Will these two be able to avoid unwanted desire Will Brock win the bull riding crown he so desperately has pursued Can Lincoln withstand Brock s adorable son This is a well written book that should delight romance readers, with a supporting cast who most likely will have their own journeys spotlighted Lincoln s BFF, Kaylee, Brock s brother, Ty and his friend Dirk all seem to have stories to tell I especially liked that this mostly is a dialogue driven story with not too much angst I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book from NetGalley. OH MY LAWD..this story, this book, WOW..it was EVERYTHING I definitely needed to let this one settle but even then, words will never express how much I LOVED this story In true Kelly fashion she gives us a book that will monopolize your days and nights because the story will consume you from beginning to end I love when a book has me so immersed that I don t realize I ve come to the end until I try to swipe to the next page but there are none left, that is how you know you ve just read a 5 Star Masterpiece Never Enough is the first book in her brand new Meet Me in Montana series If you love the classic Kelly Elliott cowboy romance realistic happily ever after stories that will make you feel like you re being loved each time you turn a page, Never Enough is the book for you.Also if like me you re a fan of The Longest Ride and Scott Eastwood s character of Luke Collins, you ll be finding it hard to resist this book As did I from just the mere sight of the super attractive, brightly colourful book cover and later of course, the enticing blurb.As outlined in the book s description, the story follows Brock Shaw, a bull rider, and Lincoln Pratt, an interior designer Two people completely on opposing ends of life s spectrum in chances of meeting, getting together with, and making it work with one another One s bull headed, so to speak, with the intention of keeping his job, family and head all in balance The other, well she s looking for a new start and the town of Hamilton, Montana, seems to be that place It just so happens to be the place where Brock is, and where second chances lie But are they enough From the very first page, it s clear that this write would be an emotional one to read Thankfully, for the good Again outlined within the book s description, Brock s young son, much like his strapping rider of a father, will have you falling instantly head over boots with his childlike charm, innocence and personality One thing among many to commend Kelly as a writer, is her admirable and amazing talent to write charming, unforgettable child characters into her stories that make you want to reach right into the pages and hug them yourselves As well as chuckle a time or two Much like I did with Chloe from Love At First Sight , book one in the Southern Brides Series Outlined at the beginning of this review, the overall feel of Never Enough to me, had a feel of the movie The Longest Ride about it As the movie means so much and has been ingrained into my heart forever, I was pleasantly happy and surprised to see parallels within this book, to the movie itself Namely, the parallels between Brock s bull riding, his personality parallel to that of Luke Collins within the movie, as well as the promise that after a dramatic climax has been reached, you re guaranteed a pull on the heartstrings, soppy, southern happily ever after If there s one thing I like about Kelly s book and the intertwining themes with The Longest Ride in this case, is the relatability as I ve often said in previous reviews Kelly has this unique ability to make each story her own, much like the characters, while still making you feel like you can relate to one or characters, the story, or find a parallel or two The twinned, seamless mesh of creative flair and relatability ooze from this book to the point I couldn t put it down A five star book quality right there.Switching now to character development and progression, Never Enough had it in spades And not in the traditional, stereotypical way Normally, the focus of a character showing hesitancy, vulnerability or heightened emotions falls to that of a lead female character This time, it is refreshingly the opposite Wanting to both raise his son, please his family, fight his morals and thoughts on letting another into his heart, Brock is the one stepping into the limelight to show that it isn t just women who are usually left showing they re the ones fighting all of the above I don t read a lot of books where this is done so expertly, thoughtfully and respectfully towards men Another point for Kelly and Never Enough.The only negative thing that I would have to say about Never Enough, is that there were never enough pages left in each chapter to keep the story going so I could read and enjoy these characters, and their stories, for as long as possible Every single fibre of this book made me scream for , from wanting to learn about bull riding and PBR aside from what I ve picked up from The Longest Ride , to getting to know a few of the supporting characters a little , to cheering on when each character experiences a heartfelt high, and wiping tears away at the lows Never Enough, echoing a tell tale sign of a Kelly Elliott hit, a classic staple and must read, is wishing that every time you turned a page, there would be waiting for you on the other side to tempt you all over again.As a Kelly Elliott fan for life, I m telling ya ll right here and now that no matter what your normal book preference is, weather you re a bull riding, PBR fan or not, romance lover or not, you ll find yourself hard pressed not to be reaching for that pre order button to enjoy a story that will have you rosining your rope, holding on tight, and for a lot longer than eight seconds.Five stars Kelly You did it again Oh my gosh, give me a single dad, bull rider, and is scarred emotionally and I m practically biting my fingernails until I could read this book by this author Brock hasn t had it easy, he s trying to become the Champion again so that him and his son is set financially Brock tries to see Blayze as much as he can but it s hard sometimes Brock has a lot of regret and he has shut off his emotions towards women Until he meets Lincoln that is.Lincoln just moved to Montana and while he s drawn to her he doesn t want to be He fights the attraction and I swear my heart hurts for him I feel for these two, what they have went through Will what he s been through be too much Will he be able to open his heart to Lincoln and give her everything that she deserves I can t wait for of this family I felt like I was in the story with the characters

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