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A Matter of Degrees Reading A Matter Of Degrees By Gino Segr Capitalsoftworks.co.uk In A Wonderful Synthesis Of Science, History, And Imagination, Gino Segr , An Internationally Renowned Theoretical Physicist, Embarks On A Wide Ranging Exploration Of How The Fundamental Scientific Concept Of Temperature Is Bound Up With The Very Essence Of Both Life And Matter Why Is The Internal Temperature Of Most Mammals Fixed Near 98.6 How Do Geologists Use Temperature To Track The History Of Our Planet Why Is The Quest For Absolute Zero And Its Quantum Mechanical Significance The Key To Understanding Superconductivity And What Can We Learn From Neutrinos, The Subatomic Messages From The Sun That May Hold The Key To Understanding The Birth And Death Of Our Solar System In Answering These And Hundreds Of Other Temperature Sensitive Questions, Segr Presents An Uncanny View Of The World Around Us.

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    Saw ole Gino give a magnificent talk on his new book Faust in Copenhagen a few weeks back It was a small little group of physics nerds who took it in and I consider myself lucky to have been in attendance I certainly do want to eventually get to that one as well, but for now TEMPERATURE holds a certain allure to me I

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    One of the best books on scientific thinking

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    First of all, while this is a sciencey book about temperature, and it goes into the science of what s happening a little bit, I would personally slide this under a microhistory header It s hard to say something has omnipresent as temperature geesh is anything like micro but on the other hand it fits the genre sub genre

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    The first half of this book was interesting as well as educational regarding the concept of temperature and its development in classical physics However, the main subject in latter half of the book was thoroughly diluted in the author s effort to relate temperature to everything in existence He tries to cover diverse sc

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    It would be quite pleasant to spend an evening in the company of Segre Although I enjoyed Faust in Copenhagen , this conveyed much of the same passion and interest Exploring the role of temperature in everything from biology to oosmology was an interesting concept It makes me want...

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    I enjoyed the book and I highly recommend it It was dense and a bit complex at times, but it kept my interest along the way I discovered so many great facts of our life and the universe The book itself is a proof that all things created forme...

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    This was a riveting read in physics If you like to learn about how temperature influences our existence and about the ordinary people who figured these truths out, this one will teach you a lot It s dense, so you may have to break from it sometimes with another book.

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    Being a science geek is not critical to enjoying this book, but it helps immensely It brought back to life a number of college physics and chemistry class experiences It is not an easy read, but I found it very enjoyable.

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    Excellent science book written in a very approachable and interesting way There is much to learn from this book I would recommend it to anyone interested in modern and historical physics but at a layman s level.Read again June 2015 and equally good

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    Fantastic read on how temperature plays played an integral part in our history and our future Brings back some memories from high school It s a pretty simple read.

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