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The Lady in Medieval England 1000-1500 PDF The Lady In Medieval England 1000 1500 Peter R Coss Horsebackridingindiana.us This Text Explores The Role Of The Lady Within Medieval Society, Describing What She Actually Did Rather Than The Romantic Ideal It Covers The English Lady In The 11th And 12th Centuries The Widening Of Gentility In England In The Succeeding Centuries Social Relations Between The Sexes, Including Incidences Of Rape And Murder Plus A Chapter Examining The Lady In Contemporary Literature The Text Is Complemented By A Selection Of Contemporary Illustrations From Manuscripts And Documents, As Well As Photographs Of Medieval Effigies And Other Artefacts. This is a survey sort of book, largely drawing from familiar source the Paston letters, Margery Kemp s book Like most medieval history surveys, I bought it for the pictures But I found it a quick read and it had a few juicy tidbits in there from less well known sources. Pulls a lot of information from court records, but doesn t really answer the question of are these the exceptions or the usual cases for upper class women in this time period. The author is an academic specialist in English medieval social history, with a special interest in knighthood and the gentry, and these two volumes are best read as a pair While few knights in the medieval period became aristocrats, all noblemen were knights, at least in theory Beginning with the Conquest and the introduction of the feudal system, they were the ruling class by virtue of arms, though Coss also examines the Saxon roots of some aspects of knighthood He also considers in some detail the relationship of the knight first to gentility and then to lordship, showing how the characteristics of knighthood were changed in the process The book s only fault, in fact, is the lack of subject headings in the index.A knight must have a lady, but while many books have been written about medieval women, few have focused on the knight s female counterpart in society Again, emphasis is on the aristocracy, since that s where the records are, though Co

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