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FALAISE: The Flawed Victory - The Destruction of Panzergruppe West, August 1944 PDF Epub FALAISE The Flawed Victory The Destruction Of Panzergruppe West, August 1944 By Anthony Tucker Jones Nature Explore.eu The Destruction Of The Trapped German Forces In The Falaise Pocket In August 1944 Is One Of The Most Famous Episodes Of The Normandy Campaign But Myths Have Grown Up Around Accounts Of The Battle, And Its Impact On The Course Of The War Is Sometimes Misunderstood In This Meticulously Researched And Perceptive Study Anthony Tucker Jones Dispels Misconceptions About The Battle, Describes The Combat In Graphic Detail And Reassesses The Outcome In The Context Of The Campaign To Liberate Europe.He Takes A Broad View Of The Sequence Of Operations That Culminated In The Battle At Falaise, Tracing The Course Of The Campaign Mainly From The German Viewpoint For Two Bloody Months The Germans Held The Allies At Bay Following The D Day Landings, But Then They Were Blocked In At Falaise And The Area Became A Killing Ground.Some Liken The Event To Hitler S Defeat At Stalingrad, While Others Argue The Victory Was Flawed Because So Many German Troops Escaped.

About the Author: Anthony Tucker-Jones

Defence analyst Anthony Tucker Jones spent nearly 20 years in the British Intelligence Community before establishing himself as a defence writer and historian commenting on regional conflicts, counter terrorism, intelligence and military affairs.He is a highly experienced expert with particular strengths in editing, feature writing, report writing, communicating to specialists and non specialists

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