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The Touch This was an easy read and enjoyable in parts mainly the reflections on her upbringing by the main character, Juju The downfall, I felt, came from the current experiences of Juju Dr Lin I didn t find her character at all appealing in the present day and I really couldn t believe that she could or indeed, had formed a friendship with her client Lucy this friendship never seemed to progress beyond a stilted acquaintanceship and I couldn t buy into any deeper feelings between the two nor the interest Lucy s husband Mark begins to show in Juju The whole story really revolves around the secret that Juju carries with her and the betrayal of her beloved grandfather You don t find out until the end how she actually betrayed him and, when it gets to the point, it is something of an anti climax The build up throughout Juju s reminiscences was nicely done and it seemed increasingly certain that the grandfather was in danger in his position as a traditional, well respected herbal doctor, from the increasing presence and power of the red guards Juju s naivety and growing respect for the Red Guard leader Steel was convincing and increa Quite interesting story of a Chinese acupuncturist who lived through the cultural revolution in China and settled in England A surprise A jewel Read upon returning from Brazil Acupuncture, reflection, China, the Cultural Revolution, moving on. Download The Touch Liu Hong Liversite.co.uk A Chinese Doctor In A Southern English Town, Ju Lin S Solitary Life Is Transformed When Lucy Walks Into Her Acupucture Clinic, And Opens Her Heart Ju Lin Is In England To Escape A Failed Marriage And The Memory Of Her Unwitting Betrayal, As A Child, Of Her Beloved Grandfather During The Cultural Revolution.

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About the Author: Liu Hong

Liu Hong was born in 1965 and grew up in Liaoning, near the Chinese North Korean border She studied English, before going to Beijing, to work as a teacher and translator She came to Britain in 1989, and took an MA in social anthropology at London Since then she has worked as a Chinese teacher, and as a translator.Liu Hong now lives in Wiltshire with her husband and their young daughter.