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Reaching for Glory PDF Epub Reaching For Glory Author Michael R Beschloss Transcribing, Editing, And Explaining The Most Powerful Moments From Hundreds Of Hours Of Newly Released LBJ Tapes, Michael Beschloss Has Added Another Lasting Treasure To The American Historical Record Reaching For Glory Exposes The Inner Workings Of The Johnson Presidency From The Summer Of 1964 Through The Summer Of 1965 From Behind The Scenes, You Will Hear Johnson Pulling The Strings Of His Presidential Campaign Against Barry Goldwater And Pursuing His Feud With The New Senator Robert Kennedy He Agonizes Over Martin Luther King, Jr., And The Bloody March On Selma, Alabama, And Twists Arms On Capitol Hill To Pass Voting Rights, Medicare, And Basic Laws Than Any American President Before Or Since Above All, You Will Hear Him Sending Young Americans Off To Vietnam While Privately Insisting That The War Can Never Be Won Winding Johnson S Voice And Exclusive Excerpts From Lady Bird Johnson S Private Diaries Into A Gripping Narrative, Michael Beschloss Provides Context And Historical Insights, Showing How Profoundly LBJ Changed The Presidency And The Country Reaching For Glory Allows Us To Live At Lyndon Johnson S Side, Day By Day, Through The Dramatic, Triumphant, And Catastrophic Year Of A Turbulent Presidency That Continues To Affect Us All.

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    This is the second of three volumes in which Michael Beschloss edited and transcribed LBJ s secret White House tapes It covers 1964 65 and deals with domestic policy Johnson s concerns about getting his Great Society agenda through Congress, his wariness of Bobby Kennedy and Kennedy s allies within his administration, conversations with politicians, MLK Jr and the l

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    Be careful what you wish for You might get it Lyndon Johnson wanted to become President of the United States But he was never comfortable or happy once he got there In retrospect, it s no surprise at all that he didn t run for a second term.As Senate Majority Leader, he was a master at moving legislation in a body where accountability was always shared by at least 49 others

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    Reaching for Glory is Lyndon Johnson s taped telephone conversations during 1964 and 1965 momentous years that included Medicare and civil rights legislation, escalation of the war in Vietnam, the invasion of the Dominican Republic and muchAnd this proved a lotinteresting that you might think You really gain insight on Johnson s methods rhetorically, at least and how deeply committed

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    An awesome set of audio books Beshloss does all the setup and color commentary between the actual taped recordings of President Johnson Johnson had all his phones taped, the oval office, his private lines, the coffee table, the situation room Beshloss screens the previously sealed archived collection and hand picks critical and sometimes comical sound bites from throughout Johnson s ruckus fi

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    I actually listened to this book and highly recommend to go that route LBJ taped all of his conversations which were the major parts of the book, along with Lady Bird s dictated diary He was quite the reluctant leader in many ways, but one who most definitely expected people to do whatever he said And his treatment and view of women not the greatest He viewed himself as a big civil rights supporter bu

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    The author frames the tape excerpts with very little commentary, which I like because the reader can draw their own conclusions from LBJ s words The LBJ I saw was an imprerfect, conflicted man with the office thrust ...

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    Reaching For Glory by Michael Beschloss is required reading listen to the audio version for an extra bonus as it includes LBJ s own voice for those who want to better understand the enigmatic life that is Lyndon Johnson Covering the years 1964 1965, Beschloss gives us the unvarnished and uninterpreted voice of Johnson, Lady Bird, and many of his associates I especially appreciated the Editor s Note some of Beschloss re

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    Interesting overall Some of the transcripts were less than vital Now that the internet has given everyone a voice and a huge megaphone to broadcast it, it s nice to hear the actual motivations behind how and why things are done at the highest levels While I may not agree w...

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    This book contains transcripts of tapes recorded by Lyndon Johnson during the years 1964 1965 The subject matter is interesting enough, but presented with fardetail than I wanted to plow through.

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    fascinating perspective of LBJ s years as president directly from his tapes

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