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Defeat Into Victory PDF Epub Defeat Into Victory William Slim Ivogue.co.uk Field Marshal Viscount Slim 1891 1970 Led Shattered British Forces From Burma To India In One Of The Lesser Known But Nightmarish Retreats Of World War II He Then Restored His Army S Fighting Capabilities And Morale With Virtually No Support From Home And Counterattacked His Army S Slaughter Of Japanese Troops Ultimately Liberated India And Burma The First Edition Of Defeat Into Victory, Published In 1956, Was An Immediate Sensation Selling 20,000 Copies Within A Few Days This Is An Updated Version With A New Introduction By David W Hogan Jr.

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    This book is about the Burma India Theatre in the Second World War where the British arguably scored their first victory against the Japanese While this theatre did not receive as much attention as the Malayan Campaign, the fighting was not less brut

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    This book is too good to review well in the space of an essay or a paragraph Properly appreciating and analyzing it would require a several weeks of classroom discussion I have a great inhibition against marking or defacing books in any fashion, but with this

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    Bar none The best book on military leadership ever written.

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    Bill Slim, or to give him his proper title Field Marshal William Joseph Slim, 1st Viscount Slim, KG, GCB, GCMG, GCVO, GBE, DSO, MC, KStJ, has been described by some as perhaps the greatest commander of the twentieth century Defeat into Victory is his account of the retaking of Bu

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    A friend sent me a copy of Field Marshal Bill Slim s Defeat Into Victory It has always been on my list of books I d like to read, but somehow I d never quite got round to acquiring a copy The version I have is a reading copy of the original edition, with fold out maps all through it.The re

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    To many William Slim was possibly the finest British and possibly Allied General to serve during the Second World War It is not readily known that the victor of Imphal was also a novelist between wars so this is one of the rarest of items, a memoir written by a general who can actually write As memo

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    Viscount Slim s memoir of his campaign in Burma deserves all the praise it has received over the years Slim is a refreshingly blunt writer, always quick to praise superiors, subordinates, and peers while taking responsibility for his own mistakes In fact, one of the most important lessons of Defeat into Victo

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    I ve read a fair number of general s memoirs, and Slim s is one of the most humanistic and readable Transferred to Burma in 1942, Slim arrived to an army in administrative disarray and an overwhelming Japanese assault that turned into a near rout Through perseverance and energy, Slim managed to hold the line in India,

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    An excellent book by a great leader of men Field Marshal William Slim was one of the most understated of the Allied commanders during the Second World War Not surprisingly he was assigned command of the 14th Army which came to be called The Forgotten Army This book by the general himself speaks of the arduous campaigns the Allie

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    This is probably the finest battlefield memoir I began reading this book because one of my relatives had been in theater during World War II Slim is critical of himself Most memoirs are hit pieces against rivals and puff pieces regarding the author This book is far from it I highly...

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