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The King's Peace, 1637-41 EPUB The King S Peace, 1637 41 Author C.V Wedgwood Ls17.eu The King S Peace 1637 1641Day By Day, Almost Hour By Hour, C V Wedgwood Describes The Four Uneasy Years That Were To Explode Into Civil War A Devastation That Cost King Charles His Life And Won The Rebels Their Revolution Conveying The Bewildering Momentum Of Events As The King S Peace Is Overtaken By Suspicion, Disorder And The Sword, She Writes History, Said The Times, In The Only Way Taht Matters, As A Living Re Creation Of The Past A Superb Book, Beautifully Written I Have No Doubt At All That She Makes The Onset Of The Civil War Intelligible Than Any Historian Before Her A L RowseThe King S War 1641 1647 And The Trial Of Charles I Are Also Published By Penguin

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    Good intentions often go bad That is perhaps the great moral of Wedgwood s history of the years when Charles I lost control of his three kingdoms I m still reading it in what seems to be part of some bi

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    This was a complex period, with so much going on all over Europe and in the new colonies as well as in Britain, and with so many, many players on the stage CV Wedgewood is a good writer and storyteller, and makes

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    Very good, very detailed account of 4 years in the reign of King Charles I It manages not to bore while going into what, in other books, might be excruciating detail Wedgwood really helped me to better understand what happ

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    This account of the last few years of the personal rule of Charles I begins with Charles as, apparently, the happiest King in Christendom and ends with the king on the road to London, heading for confrontation with the Long Parliame

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    This is a very, very good history with a very large caveat The opening is brilliant an eagle eyed survey of the Isles that is absolutely masterful But then the eye falls to a narrative weighed down by the detail An incredibly detailed detail,

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    good introduction to the period immediately preceding the English civil war challenging without at some contextual understanding of the period

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    Understanding the history of the government of the British Government is kind of like understanding the rules of Cricket it doesn t appear to be possible At the time of history that covers this book, King Charles I was king of three nations, not yet united His r

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    Dame Cicely Veronica Wedgwood on the fatal flaw of King Charles I He was of the intractable stuff of which martyrs are made not the swift, ecstatic martyrs who run upon death in a high impulsive fervour, but the sad, thoughtful martyrs who follow over long, patient years

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    Not quite a scholarly book, since it is focussed on description of what was happening, and people involved, than on analysis, but it isn t easy reading either It has made me much interested in the Stewarts and the chaos of those times in that country remind me of some things happ

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    Very good account of the events leading up to the civil wars of the 1640s in England And as a book, the Folio Society s edition is physically beautiful, and wonderful book to possess by that measure alone.

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