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Racism without Racists The First Edition Of This Best Selling Book Showed That Alongside The Subtle Forms Of Discrimination Typical Of The Post Civil Rights Era, New Powerful Ideology Of Color Blind Racism Has Emerged Bonilla Silva Documented How Beneath The Rhetorical Maze Of Contemporary Racial Discourse Lies A Full Blown Arsenal Of Arguments, Phrases, And Stories That Whites Use To Account For And Ultimately Justify Racial Inequities.In The New Edition Bonilla Silva Has Added A Chapter Dealing With The Future Of Racial Stratification In America That Goes Beyond The White Black Dichotomy He Argues That The U.S Is Developing A Complex And Apparently Plural Racial Order That Will Mimic Latin American Patterns Of Racial Stratification Another New Chapter Addresses A Variety Of Questions From Readers Of The First Edition And He Has Updated The Book Throughout With New Information, Data, And References Where Appropriate The Book Ends With A New Postscript, What Is To Be Done For Real As In The Highly Acclaimed First Edition, Bonilla Silva Continues To Challenge Color Blind Thinking.

About the Author: Eduardo Bonilla-Silva

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Racism without Racists book, this is one of the most wanted Eduardo Bonilla-Silva author readers around the world.

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    A very interesting book, and one that almost feels as though it s telling you things you already knowand of course it is It s documenting how many whites understand their reality and justify it, so if you ve spent any time awake and alive in the world, much of this will sound very familiar But I think it s good to bring a critical academic

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    some of my best friends are bookslol

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    One reason why, in general terms, whites and people of color cannot agree on racial matters is because they conceive terms such as racism very differently, writes Eduardo Bonilla Silva writes in the excellent first chapter of his excellent book Racism without Racists He continues, Whereas for most whites racism is prejudice, for most people of color racism i

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    People are going to tell you that EBS s argument is tautological That s not totally without merit but you have to understand that the interviews are with individuals but the argument is about culture Culture arguments stay being tautological LOL Hard to get around that It s an important theoretical response to the social psych super micro analysis of racism that make

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    I am p unfamiliar with sociological methods and such so I don t know if I can rate this on the Robustness of his Research but I do think this is a pretty comprehensive survey analysis of Word Tricks White People Use I don t see color I also appreciate that he got Straight To The Point about eg it was almost like the New Jim Crow butroaringly upset NJC was like sad can you bel

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    I wish I could make this mandatory reading for everyone.

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    This is a fairly academic book, which means it goes heavy on the theoretical language at times and would alienate a general audience Nor would it be a good pick to send to white people who tend to see things through the lens of the colorblind racism that s the focus of the book I d recommend it to people involved in activist work because the bulk of the book is about analyzing a series two ser

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    I have a few qualms with this book The biggest is that, although Bonilla Silva claims that pathologizing the internalization of racist beliefs in moral terms is problematic, in areas of the book in which he ...

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    DNFsad to say i thought this book relied entirely too much on other people s work writing not that there is anything wrong with extensive footnotes bibliographical notes, i found the constant referencing of other work to be incredibly distracting and dissonant in a much longer tome this level of quoting, etc would be fine, but this book rolls in at under 400 pages, and that just didn t work for me maybe i expec

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    Going into this I expected a fairly breezy mass market book, probably just from the presentation being one of the few books at my school library not shelved as an intimidating blank hardcover helps But I was pleasantly surprised to see that this is actually an academic sociology book that s very meticulous about its research and evidence It s definitely readable for anyone without a lot of that background, but you shoul

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