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The Fiery Cross In The Fiery Cross, Wyn Craig Wade Traces The History Of The Klan From Its Beginnings After The Civil War As A Social Club In Pulaski, Tennessee, To The Present The Reader Follows The Klan S Resurgence In 1915 After D.W Griffith S Epic Film The Birth Of A Nation Depicted Klan Members As Heroic Saviors Of The Old Southern Society, To The Swearing In Of President Warren G Harding As A Klansman In The Green Room Wade Explores The Klan S Championing Of White Supremacy As A Response To The Civil Rights Movement In The 60s, Through To Their Present Day Activities, Aligning Themselves With A Variety Of Neo Fascist And Right Wing Groups In The American West He Concludes By Offering An Assessment Of The Klan S Future The Fiery Cross Provides An Exhaustive Analysis And Perspective On This Dark Shadow Of American Society.

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    In honor of newly appointed US AG Jeff Sessions, I have put Shakespeare Co on hold in order to read The Fiery Cross the Ku Klux Klan in America by Wyn Craig Wade.It s divided into three books 1865 1915, 1915 1930, and 1930 1987 this last date the year of the book s publication I ve just finished the first book, covering the Reconstruction period,

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    Recent events made me think of this book that I readthan a decade ago A well written account of the KKK that strips away any pretense of a benign brotherhood Recommended.

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    This book which was published almost thirty years ago still appears to be the best survey history available of the Ku Klux Klan While it is clearly time for a new work that will draw on the recent academic monographs, this book is unlikely ever be truly superseded as it is extremely solid.Wade divides the history of the Ku Klux Klan into three sections In the firs

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    This was a challenging book to read on several different levels I read it because the KKK is such an enigma to me I wanted to see if I could understand what would motivate people to be a part of such a violent and despicable group My first issue with this book is that I was ashamed to be reading it despite the fact that that book is anti KKK I initially brought it on my co

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    The review below that says it feels dated is on point I can hardly say it s a flaw with the book itself, but the fact that this was written at a time when it was apparently still necessary to critique the racist historiography of the early twentieth century gives some of the book an oddly defensive tone that seems unnecessary today Aside from that, I liked it it s the best kind of

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    This book was my first exposure to the idea that Reconstruction was actually a good thing as conceived, and not just about money grubbing carpetbaggers or whatever the myth is Excellent book.

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    Living in the country as I did, the bus ride to school always lasted over an hour, and in elementary school I remember being utterly petrified by older students telling we younger horror stories They spoke of monsters in white sheets, demons from hell, who could rise from the ground, or who lived in the woods, and would come out at dusk or emerge from a fog and snatch little children up, returning t

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    Wyn Craig Wade s The Fiery Cross is an engaging, somewhat sensationalized account of the Ku Klux Klan in its various iterations from Reconstruction through the 1980s Wade s book is full of lurid details about Klan violence and sexual depravity which often feel too potboilerish to seem credible He also perpetrates numerous myths Woodrow Wilson s reaction to Birth of a Nation, Warren Harding as Klansman that a

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    It took me a while to get through this, but not for lack of interest This book chronicles the creation and rise of the KKK, its rifts, declines and resurgences, and its internal and external power struggles It contains a thorough history, and is well detailed with often sickening anecdotes I especially appreciated Wade s inclusion of some of the official paperwork of the Klan in the appendices charters, credo, direct

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    in depth history and workings of the klu klux klan i had no idea how pervasive the klan was since reconstruction, and how much it appealed to ordinary people s arrogant and yet secret, always secret superiority the book highlights the charismatic and brilliant leaders of the kkk in its many forms, as well as the intellectual and idealistic people who fought against it, and were at times victims of ...

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