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It s pretty impressive that one person can write so many memoirs In this one, he reveals that he s a witch, from a long line of witches He s otherwise a nonbeliever, of ghosts, God, zombies, Bigfoot and so on He explains that being a witch isn t supernatural, it s natural For him it s about seeing things just before they happen across the country sometimes and setting intentions in his case, he creates rhyming spells to create something he wants to attain or avoid Dubious Yeah, me too, although his tales are provocative He s such a good writer that after I finished and had started reading another book, I found myself wondering what was going on with Augusten, his husband Christopher, their four dogs, and the intriguing characters they ve met since moving from Manhattan to the Connecticut countryside Many years ago, my publisher asked me to write a novella for an anthology that featured a witch I thought I should study up on Wiccan because I thought that s what a witch was I was way off according to Mr Burroughs I learned a lot about witches in this book, which is a subject I find fascinating, primarily because uppity women were drowned or burned on a pyre under the guise that they were witches, and uppity women are my people The very little I studied on Wiccan, it seemed like nice stuff, not that far off from what I understand from books and movies are some of the rituals of Catholicism with lighting candles and, instead of saying prayers, saying kind of incantations things to do to attract love and financial stability or to banish a bad experience I think setting intentions is great What I learned in Toil and Trouble, however, is that Wiccan is something a guy in England came up with in the 1950s What Augusten is talking about is quite different, and I found it extremely interesting This book has some chuckles, although it s not as funny as some of his earlier works I enjoyed it, and I appreciate the opportunity for an advance copy from NetGalley and St Martin s Press The RELEASE DATE IS OCTOBER 1, 2019 For reviews, please visit Augusten Burrough s new memoir did not disappoint It was a fascinating read about Mr Burrough s life as a witch, and his quirky and genuine writing style made this book a pleasure to read It was funny and quite enlightening, I ve learned some new things about witches and the history of their existence, or non existence, whichever one believes, I guess Augusten Burrough is an excellent storyteller, and from the first pages I was captivated by his writing His genuine and unapologetic way of telling his life stories makes his memoirs so much special If you loved the author s previous memoirs, this book is a perfect read for you Thank you NetGalley, St Martin s Press, and the author for providing me with an ARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. Witchy Wonderful There are three things you should know about witches 1 As long as there have been human beings there have been witch beings 2 Witches have always been misunderstood.3 Witches are real Witchcraft is not a religion It s the craftwork of a witch it s the thing witches do Witches can possess any and all of these traits in greater or less or degree Augusten shared a partial list of things he doesn t believe in God, The devil, heaven, hell, Bigfoot, ancient aliens, past lives, life after death, vampires, zombies, Reiki, homeopathy, rolfing, reflexology Note that witches and witchcraft are absent from the list Augusten says The thing is, I wouldn t believe in them, and I would privately ridicule any idiot who did, except for one thing NEWS FLASH..Augusten Burroughs is a witch YEP Augusten is not joking But he is extremely funny We know many things about Augusten Burroughs from past books novels and memoirs He is outrageously funnyself awarewise..honestgay, entertaininginspiringingenioushad a past disaster personal liferaised in a very dysfunctional homesuffered from alcohol addiction for many yearsovercame harrowing challengeshe is smartrealpersonablehonestbrilliant and lovableetc etc etc I feel like I ve been growing up with him..But this is his first memoir where we learn about his unique spooky magical abilities with fabulous interesting coming of age stories WITCHIE TALENTED Augusten outdid himself with this memoir It s awesome with tasteful humor and tasteful truth Toil and Trouble the title of this book comes fromShakespeare Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble is one of the most famous lines in English literature These lines are spoken in unison by three witches who predict Macbeth s future throughout Ghosts are real, trees can want to kill you, beavers are the spawn of satan, houses are alive, and in the end, love is the most powerful magic of all This new Burroughs memoir was fascinating, exciting to read, quirky, genuine, and it completely warmed my heart Big thanks to St Martins Publishing, Netgalley, and Augusten Burroughs I LOVE THIS NEW BOOK Burroughs rocks my book reading thinking feeling world Burroughs is a magnificent storyteller He has an uncanny ability to pull you into his story and just when you think you might put the book down, he tugs on that literary string and pulls you right back in Burroughs is excellent at creating comfort so that you feel you are reading something from your best friend This book is an excellent addition to his previous memoirs While reading his books do you ever get the feeling that he s sitting right next to you, whispering the words into your ear You are going to love this book It s laugh out loud funny and warm at the same time This book is not being released until October 2019, just in time for Halloween, and with this title, I hope it flies off of the shelves into the hands of brand new readers Thank you to Augusten Burroughs, St Martin s Press and Goodreads Giveaway I would also like to add that this book arrived and I was actually surprised by it s beauty The texture of the book feels like silk The book has an outer cover with a magnet closure It is truly a work of art and holds a special place in my library Thank you again. From The Number One New York Times Bestselling Author Comes Another Stunning Memoir That Is Tender, Touchingand Just A Little Spooky Here S A Partial List Of Things I Don T Believe In God The Devil Heaven Hell Bigfoot Ancient Aliens Past Lives Life After Death Vampires Zombies Reiki Homeopathy Rolfing Reflexology Note That Witches And Witchcraft Are Absent From This List The Thing Is, I Wouldn T Believe In Them, And I Would Privately Ridicule Any Idiot Who Did, Except For One Thing I Am A Witch For As Long As Augusten Burroughs Could Remember, He Knew Things He Shouldn T Have Known He Manifested Things That Shouldn T Have Come To Pass And He Told Exactly No One About This, Save One Person His Mother His Mother Reassured Him That It Was All Perfectly Normal, That He Was Descended From A Long Line Of Witches, Going Back To The Days Of The Early American Colonies And That This Family Tree Was Filled With Witches It Was A Bond That He And His Mother Shared Until The Day She Left Him In The Care Of Her Psychiatrist To Be Raised In His Family But That S A Whole Other Story After That, Augusten Was On His Own On His Own To Navigate The World Of This Tricky Power On His Own To Either Use Or Misuse This Gift.From The Hilarious To The Terrifying, Toil Trouble Is A Chronicle Of One Man S Journey To Understand Himself, To Reconcile The Powers He Can Wield With Things With Which He Is Helpless There Are Very Few Things That Are Coincidences, As You Will Learn In Toil Trouble. Ghosts Are Real, Trees Can Want To Kill You, Beavers Are The Spawn Of Satan, Houses Are Alive, And In The End, Love Is The Most Powerful Magic Of All. I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review From the publisher, as I do not repeat the contents or story of books in reviews, I let them do it as they do it better than I do From the number one New York Times bestselling author comes another stunning memoir that is tender, touchingand just a little spooky Here s a partial list of things I don t believe in God The Devil Heaven Hell Bigfoot Ancient Aliens Past lives Vampires Zombies Homoeopathy Bigfoot Canola oil, because there s no such thing as a canola Note that witches and witchcraft are absent from this list When really they should be right there at the top The thing is, I wouldn t believe in them, and I would privately ridicule any idiot who did, except for one thing I am a witch From Toil TroubleFor as long as Augusten Burroughs could remember, he knew things he shouldn t have known He manifested things that shouldn t have come to pass And he told exactly no one about this, save one person his mother His mother reassured him that it was all perfectly normal, that he was descended from a long line of witches, going back to the days of the early American colonies And that this family tree was filled with witches It was a bond that he and his mother shared until the day she left him in the care of her psychiatrist to be raised in his family but that s a whole other story After that, Augusten was on his own On his own to navigate the world of this tricky power on his own to either use or misuse this gift From the hilarious to the terrifying, Toil Trouble is a chronicle of one man s journey to understand himself, to reconcile the powers he can wield with things with which he is helpless There are very few things that are coincidences, as you will learn in Toil Trouble Ghosts are real, trees can want to kill you, beavers are the spawn of satan, houses are alive, and in the end, love is the most powerful magic of all.This book blew my mind BLEW MY MIND BOOM BOOM I have read all of his works and loved them but this was spooky and creepy and I recommend that you read it in the daylight Witches are real and they don t wear black pointy hats or sparkly dresses a la Glinda and they are among us I love how he describes witchcraft as it is not all bubble, bubble, toil and trouble , Salem Massachusets insanity in October and evil.But than that, it is a book about being happy in your life, yet no one lives on the edge and with black humour than Augusten Burroughs He always blows my mind and I want to send props to the artist who designed the cover it is STUNNING As always, I try to find a reason to not rate with stars as I love emojis outside of their incessant use by Millennials on Instagram and Twitter so let s give it NOTE I cannot link this review to LinkedIn there is something wrong with the linking programming and it will not happen. I was not sure about this one because of the witchcraft but I was wrong to be cautious This is vintage Augusten, comforting and beautiful, like sitting down with an old friend Unlike much of his previous writing, this is a book about being happy and what it took to get there It s life affirming still darkly humourous and enlightening Keep an open mind and you will love it. So last night I had a dream i was eating a Twix bar, today I was at the grocery store checking out and holy cow would you believe it there was the very same Twix bar from my dream So I must be a witch This book is a mash up of different predictions and weak stories trying so desperately to make himself believe hes different for a reason or has some greater purpose I give this hot mess 0 stars and would demand a refund except I was unfortunate enough to be picked as a give away winner I recieved this book from Goodreads.I approached this book with an open mind with neither the belief or disbelief of witches and witchcraft I read it like I would any other autobiography.That being said, Toil Trouble A Memoir is definitely not like any autobiography I ever read before And that isn t necessarily a good thing Nothing about reading this book screamed nonfiction memoir and the witchcraft wasn t to blame Granted, I have no right to say what is true and what isn t in a complete stranger s book about their life, but the extreme exaggeration and flamboyant magnification of everything made me inuitivly skepical of every written word.I understand that this is Augusten Burroughs distinctive and revered writing style, but if the nonfiction genre is slapped onto a book that reads like a YA fantasy and I m feeling like I m being spoonfed bullshit from a jewel encrusted spoon I m going to be a little bit mad about it. Toil & Trouble

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