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A Princess of Mars A Princess Of Mars Is The First Of Eleven Thrilling Novels That Comprise Edgar Rice Burroughs Most Exciting Saga, Known As The Martian Series It S The Beginning Of An Incredible Odyssey In Which John Carter, A Gentleman From Virginia And A Civil War Veteran, Unexpectedly Finds Himself On To The Red Planet, Scene Of Continuing Combat Among Rival Tribes Captured By A Band Of Six Limbed, Green Skinned Savage Giants Called Tharks, Carter Soon Is Accorded All The Honor Of A Chieftain After It S Discovered That His Muscles, Accustomed To Earth S Greater Gravity, Now Give Him A Decided Advantage In Strength And When His Captors Take As Prisoner Dejah Thoris, The Lovely Human Looking Princess Of The City Of Helium, Carter Must Call Upon Every Ounce Of Strength, Courage, And Ingenuity To Rescue Her Before Dejah Becomes The Slave Of The Depraved Thark Leader, Tal Hajus Excerpt Her Oval Face Was Beautiful In The Extreme, Her Every Feature Finely Chisled And Exquisite, Her Eyes Large And Lustrous And Her Head Surmounted By A Mass Of Coal Black, Waving Hair, Caught Loosely Into A Strange Yet Becoming Coiffure Similar In Face And Figure To Women Of Earth, She Was Nevertheless A True Martian And Prisoner Of The Fierce Green Giants Who Held Me Captive, As Well

About the Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs

Edgar Rice Burroughs was an American author, best known for his creation of the jungle hero Tarzan and the heroic John Carter, although he produced works in many genres.

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    2.5 stars I know, I know I can hear you out there saying 2.5 stars for one of the ALL TIME PULP SF CLASSICS and looking at me like I just made a mess on the floor Rest assured, I m not trying to drop gastronomical leftovers in the PULP SF punch bowl and my rating does not indicate a dislike for the book As mentioned below, I was pr

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    Some years back David Bowie asked the musical question, Is there life on Mars Had he read A Princess of Mars he might have known the answer Back in the early 60 s I fell in love Not with a girl, well, there were one or two cracks opened in that young heart, but we do not speak of that now but with reading And the brazen hussy that le

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    A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs was not the book that transformed Burroughs into a publishing success, that honor belongs to Tarzan of the Apes However, this was the book, published in 1912 that effectively began a career that would change the face of American literature in various genres from then on The stamp of Burroughs

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    The books is full of familiar cliches it created most of them I am also having a great trouble between classifying this book between fantasy and scifi As I am not the only one with such problem a new genre was created dubbed sword and planet Coming back to the plot, an American Civil War veteran and a perfect southern gentleman he calls

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    Old school pulpy goodness. Fun classic full of manly adventures and good cheesy romance between an awesomely manly man John Carter did I mention manly and a scantily clad beautiful and at necessary times appropriately helpless princess Dejah Thoris among the red landscapes of Mars Barsoom And let s not forget John Carter s favorite Barsoo

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    I m not saying I didn t like it, but what in the hell was that Okay, I kinda am saying I didn t like it, but I didn t HATE it either A Princess of Mars is a forerunner in the sci fi genre and as many of them suffer from ignorant science, so suffers this one Modes of transportation are silly, alien races are simplistic at best, etc etc I know

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    A SYNOPSIS OF THE BOOK A PRINCESS OF MARS John Carter travels to Barsoom to live, love, and fight amongst the Green Men, the Red Men, and the White Apes his Earthman physique combined with Barsoomian gravity means he s incredibly strong and can jump like a giant sized super grasshopper John Carter arrives there nekkid everyone is nekkid they o

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    Transcript from the John Carter sessionsfrom the files of Dr Wm Bill Loney, Doctor of Psychiatry Carter So where were we last time, doc Doctor We were talking about representations of things that are ideals for you, and how they are expressed in imaginative fantasies.Carter What was that DoctorsighsYou were telling me about Barsoom and your adve

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    It can be said at the outset that Burroughs was not a very deep nor a very disciplined writer His disdain for research often shows in his work, and it does here and in his science fiction he would write voluminously in this genre this novel sparked a series, and he produced two other popular sci fi series as well consistent and well thought world

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    He died at 75, with a wish list for the afterlife I want to travel through the space to visit other planets Edgar Rice Burroughs outsold the combination of Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Faulkner, at his time He ventured far and wide in the realm of imagination Maybe he caught kids and teens first, then adults, definitely I was one of the caught ups in t

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