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Army of None PDF Epub Army Of None Author Paul Scharre Oknalubliniec.eu The Era Of Autonomous Weapons Has Arrived Today Around The Globe, At Least Thirty Nations Have Weapons That Can Search For And Destroy Enemy Targets All On Their Own Paul Scharre, A Leading Expert In Next Generation Warfare, Describes These And Other High Tech Weapons Systems From Israel S Harpy Drone To The American Submarine Hunting Robot Ship Sea Hunter And Examines The Legal And Ethical Issues Surrounding Their Use A Smart Primer To What S To Come In Warfare Bruce Schneier , Army Of None Engages Military History, Global Policy, And Cutting Edge Science To Explore The Implications Of Giving Weapons The Freedom To Make Life And Death Decisions A Former Soldier Himself, Scharre Argues That We Must Embrace Technology Where It Can Make War Precise And Humane, But When The Choice Is Life Or Death, There Is No Replacement For The Human Heart. Each year Bill Gates recommends the 5 books that he has liked the most An avid reader and quite good tastes I almost always follow his recommendations.Of the books he recommends he had already read one, today I finished Army of None autonomous weapons and the future of war written by Paul Scharre.To think many topics Artificial intelligence is progressing and , there are even programs that, in developing this intelligence, obtain unpredictable results for humans This can happen with the weapons that have AI They can end up being against us as we have already seen in some movies The control of autonomous weapons is a big problem If we have central and human control they could affect the communications with them and control them, if not, we are practically leaving them alone These weapons will have no heart and will do whatever is necessary to a When I was a kid, I read a lot of sci fi books One of the most common themes was man vs machine, which often took the form of robots becoming self aware and threatening humanity This theme has also become a staple of Hollywood movies like The Terminator and The Matrix.Despite the prevalence of this theme, I don t lose any sleep worrying about this scenario But I do think we should spend time thinking about the implications positive and negative of recent progress in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and machine vision For example, militaries have begun to develop drones, ships, subs, tanks, munitions, and robotic troops with increasing levels of intelligence and autonomy.While this use of A.I holds great promise for reducing civilian casualties and keeping troops out of harm s way, it also presents the possibility of unintended consequences if we re not careful Earlier this year, U.N Secretary General Ant nio Guterres called global attention to these threats The weaponization of artificial intelligence is a growing concern The prospect of weapons that can sel I could not finish this book despite my interest in technology As an engineer who is fascinated by artificial intelligence and machine learning, I was very eager to read this book and learn from what experts are thinking and doing with AI Though I d It can t be bargained with It can t be reasoned with It doesn t feel pity, or remorse, or fear And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead TerminatorDoes it concern you that in the near future we ll all be dependent upon driverless cars to get around Trust me, that s nothing This book, Army of None, was a real eye opener for me We re living in a world where warfare will soon be waged at the push of a button Autonomous weapons systems, designed and programmed by imperfect humans, will be able to independently take military actions i.e., detecting and identifying enemy combatants, developing target solutions, estimating collateral damage, and deciding whether or not to engage their weapons This book introduces us to what is not only the future, but what has already been designed, at least in prototype state.Imagine a swarm of drones, a mechanized hunting wolf pack if you will, powerful and stealthy, making decisions without having to check in with a human boss , able to communicate as a team and make decisions collectively, not dependent on a pack leader which could be taken out by the ene

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