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Walking to Listen: 4,000 Miles Across America, One Story at a Time In Walking to Listen there was a bit too much talk on inner family dynamics processing that took away from the hyped excitement of walking 4000 miles But the story about coming face to face with a gorilla and the talk about black bears made it worth the read.good luck ARC publisher NetGalley I received this book through a Goodreads giveaway, and the publisher included a letter asking me to review to book in exchange for winning the copy.I didn t look too much beyond the title, and the blurb touting it as a journey across America on foot wherein the author explores the stories of the people he encounters along the way, which both sounded exciting and interesting I was super excited when I was notified that I had won the book that was over a month ago It arrived a couple of weeks ago, and I was already in the middle of several books and trying to finish up some essays for classes, so I glanced at it and set it on the shelf next to my bed for reading later in the week.I picked it up shortly afterward to give it a good once over The art on the dust jacket feels appropriate for the genre and for the title I took my time reading the inside flap front and then I got to the inside flap back and felt a little sorry that I received this from the publisher The letter that arrived with the book requested a review to be posted anywhere and everywhere that I would like to, but I got to the author blurb and photo on the back cover, and my opinion of the potentialities of this book dropped significantly In the future, I will probably take care when entering drawings by checking out the age and background of the author I don t want to know that much about a book before I start reading it, so I don t spoil anything for myself which has happened in the past , but Ebook Walking To Listen 4,000 Miles Across America, One Story At A Time Author Andrew Forsthoefel Horsebackridingnorthcarolina.us Was Auch Immer Mir Auf Dieser Reise Begegnet Jeder Moment, Jede Begegnung Z Hlt Andrew Forsthoefel Viel Wissen Hatte Er Angeh Uft Nach Seinem College Abschluss, Vom Leben Selbst Wusste Er Aber Nichts Um Das Zu Ndern, Begann Andrew Forsthoefel Direkt Hinter Dem Haus Seiner Mutter Eine Wanderung, Die Ihn 4.000 Meilen Durch Die USA F Hrte Auf Seinem Rucksack Ein Schild Walking To Listen So Machte Er Sich Auf Den Weg Zu Den Menschen Und Ihren Geschichten, Durch Ein Amerika Der Vielfalt Landschaftlich Wie Menschlich.Auf Seine Fragen Nach Dem, Was Wirklich Wichtig Ist Im Leben, Erh Lt Er Vielf Ltige Antworten Philosophische, Pragmatische, Humorvolle, Nachdenklich Stimmende Dieses Au Ergew Hnliche Und Farbenreiche Portr T Erlaubt Einen Ganz Neuen Blick Auf Die Vereinigten Staaten.Ein Aufbruch Ins LebenWalking To Listen Eine Poetische Lebens ReiseBegegnungen, Die Ein Neues Bild Der USA ZeichnenF R Alle Suchenden, Die Offen Durch Die Welt Gehen Follow Andrew Forsthoefel on his walking journey from Pennsylvania to California as he shares the stories he heard from those he met along the way.I wasn t anticipating such a spiritual journey along with the physical one I m not sure why because, duh, it is bound to happen I greatly enjoyed hearing the stories of those Forsthoefel met, especially the Navajo women But, at times, I felt myself weighed down with his musings on death and dying Maybe it was because I was not in a place to want to be contemplating such heavy subjects it probably was because of this Also, as I am a west coast gal, I was eager to get to the parts of his travels in Nevada and California Then to find them mostly glossed over with only a couple of introductions to folks he met, I was severely disappointed Yes, I understand it was the end of the journey and there was an energy to get to th . This is a remarkable story of a trip in the tradition of William Least Heat Moon I was inspired by this young man who went on a walk in an effort to find himself spiritually He meets many people along the way who are inter I think I would probably give this of a 2.5 than just a 2 If this memoir hadn t been selected as this months book club read I don t think I would have ever picked it up Andrew s decision to walk across America to learn other peoples stories to understand himself made me groan in annoyance after reading the preface I just knew I was going to be annoyed throughout and I often was I felt like this whole year was his whiny, I m not ready to be an adult, excuse for not finding a job I was so tired of every story circling back to learning a lesson about himself Sigh The first 1 2 of the book was slow for me I decided if I was going to finish I had to just sit down and power through Saturday was my day I read the rest basically in one sitting I will say I enjoyed the Navajo portion of the book and the ending I could relate to Andrew s mothers tears I tear Loved his writing he knows how to place words together, but I often felt a current of being preached at by a young 23 year old Sometimes his epiphanies were rather cliche I hate saying thatbecause I respect the journey and the effortbut I struggled with the fact that he pointed a young finger a Andrew is finished with college but doesn t know what to do next He decides to take a walk Across America A walk to see if he can find out the important things in life He does It s an almost year long journey, from Pennsylvania, down South, through Texas, across New Mexico and Arizona, to California Along the way, he meets people, and, true to the sign he wears, he This was a great account of the authors walk across America and to his encounters with the people he meets along the way His goal to learn something about himself, through self reflection, about his own behavior and beliefs, and also about the lives and beliefs of the people he meets.This story takes us back and forth from the authors life before the walk, and the lives of the people he encounters, and interviews through his idea of walking to listen He was hopeful that something in their stories would help him discover what he was looking for, within his own life He feared that seeking stories of others, would leave him and empty receptacle for the lives of everyone else But that is not the case.I love all of the wisdom people gave him along the way and the many different points of view He met so many people of different social status, race, and lifestyles and each one gave him a bit of themselves.This book gives one a lot to think about, it allows us to also search our own needs and wants and giving us a glimpse of life outside of ourselves, a less selfish life perhaps.He had so many wonderful encounters along the way and was able to, for the most part, do away with his preconceived fears and expectations.One encounter he had and which stood out to me, was after leaving this one man after a 20 min talk, told him You know, all you re really doing is reading a book, just with your feet As

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